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Bali & the Whale Sharks of Sumbawa by Bike + Boat

Indonesia’s Enchanting Isles, Cultural Wonders and Marine Majesty



Tour profile / Level 2

The cycle tours require participants to have a certain basic level of fitness, which you should have acquired as an occasional or everyday cyclist. The average age is 25 to over 60, we have already had guests aged between 10 and 75. The daily stages lead partly through flat, but also hilly terrain and are cycled without time constraints. The roads are mainly asphalted or paved, but there are also natural paths that are easy to cycle on.

Day 1: Denpasar

Our transfer service will take you from the vibrant heart of Bali to the hotel. Start your journey with an exotic welcome cocktail and recover from your flight by the shimmering pool. B&B Hotel in Padang Bai

Day 2: Relaxation in Padang Bai - the luxury of peace and quiet, approx. 20 - 40 km

Relax by the pool, take a stroll through the pretty harbor town of Padang Bai or let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of the Batur volcano or the Tirtagangga water palace. B&B Hotel in Padang Bai

Tour duration: 3 - 4 h

Day 3: The exoticism of Lombok - a journey into the untouched, approx. 35 km

You take the ferry to the island of Lombok, where authentic villages and tropical landscapes await you. Your bike tour takes you through Lombok’s picturesque scenery to the stylish boutique resort in Senggigi (B&B).

60 vertical meters, tour duration: 3 - 4 h

Day 4: Gili Air - your South Seas dream destination, approx. 25 km

Explore the idyllic cliffs, white sandy bays and fishing villages on your way to the Gili Islands. Once there, experience pure relaxation: swimming, snorkeling or simply enjoying the sweet idleness. B&B Hotel Gili Air

490 vertical meters, tour duration: 3 - 4 h

Day 5: On course with the pirate ship, approx. 25 km

Today it’s time to set sail! On the wooden pirate ship along the coast of Lombok, you will discover the beauty of the island from the sea before continuing the tour by bike along the picturesque north coast and experiencing the country and its people. B&B/L/D Pirate ship

350 vertical meters, tour duration: approx. 3 h

Day 6: Pulau Moyo Nature Reserve - A tropical adventure, 10 km

Experience the island of Moyo up close and swim in the crystal-clear water of a fairytale waterfall. In the evening, enjoy a BBQ on the pirate ship under the starry sky. B&B/L/D Pirate ship

250 vertical meters, tour duration: 4 - 5 h (with hiking and swimming stop)

Day 7: Snorkeling with whale sharks, 35 km

An unforgettable experience: snorkel with the gentle giants of the sea, the whale sharks, before exploring impressive landscapes of grassland, traditional stilt villages and plantations at the foot of Sumbawa’s Tambora volcano by bike. B&B/L/D Pirate ship

350 vertical meters, tour duration: 4 h

Day 8: Trekking to the Secret Waterfall, 20 km

You cycle along a small coastal road through remote stilt villages with extremely friendly and curious people. A trekking adventure to a hidden waterfall on the island of Moyo is the highlight of the day. In the evening, you return on board your pirate ship and watch Ü/F Pirate ship

200 vertical meters, tour duration: 2 h; trekking secret waterfall: 3 km

Day 9: Bambusuphill, approx. 40 km

You cycle through the first villages on the island of Lombok. A challenging and rewarding tour leads through a primeval mountain forest to the Sembalun highlands. A fantastic panoramic view of several two-thousand-meter peaks and Mount Rinjani (3726) makes up for the small exertions. And of course our support vehicle is also with us. B&B Hotel Sembalun

1600 vertical meters, tour duration: 6 - 7 h

Day 10: From the highlands of Sembalun to the green valley, 30 km

Relax your muscles on a downhill drive through cashew, peanut and tobacco plantations and rainforest and enjoy the view of the picturesque rice terraces from Rinjani Mountain Garden. From the natural swimming pool at Rinjani Mountain Garden we enjoy a fantastic view of the surrounding villages and rice terraces all the way to the ocean. B&B Rinjani Mountain Garden

500 vertical meters, tour duration: 4 - 5 h

Day 11: Tiu Kelep waterfall - experience the natural spectacle

A hiking trail takes you through rice fields, rainforest and bamboo jungle and jungle to the Tiu Kelep waterfall, a truly breathtaking natural wonder. B&B Rinjani Mountain Garden

Trekking: 8 km

Day 12: Gili Islands - pure island feeling, approx. 60 km

It’s hard to say goodbye to Rinjani Mountain Garden, but the Gili Islands are calling. Enjoy the relaxed descent to buy some provisions at the market in Bayan. The traditional "horse mackerel fish" is delicious and water from a coconut is a special energy boost. Take a boat to the tropical paradise of Gili Air. B&B Hotel Gili Air

250 vertical meters, tour duration: 5 - 6 h

Day 13: Return to Bali

A ride in a horse-drawn carriage or on a "bike" - that’s pure island feeling. We leave this little paradise for Bali by speedboat - with a bit of luck, accompanied by dolphins and fish. Artotel Sanur/overnight stay

Day 14: Leisure and culture in Sanur

Use this day for relaxation, shopping or cultural excursions. On request, bus excursion to the art and culture town of Ubud or excursion to the Tanah Lot temple at sunset. B&B Artotel Sanur

Day 15: Shot drive to the airport or extension

In the morning there is still enough time to relax. Then the bus will take you to the airport. Any last-minute souvenir shopping can still be arranged.


There is a support vehicle on all bike stages in Lombok.
Slight course deviations during the boat trip due to currents are possible.


  • 7 nights in good to very good middle-class hotels of European standard

  • 1 night in a boutique resort

  • 4 nights in a cabin on a ship

  • 2 nights in bungalows with shower/WC

  • 14 x breakfast, 4x lunch, 4 dinners

  • National park entrance fees

  • Whale shark bay fee

  • Boat trips to the Gili Islands

  • Speed boat ticket Gili - Sanur

  • All ferries

  • Airport transfers from / to the airport in Denpasar (on arrival and departure day)

  • Support vehicle for all cycling stages on Lombok

  • Transport of the bikes

  • German-speaking tour guide

Dates & Prices



    Season / Period
    S1   18.05. - 01.06.24
    S2   12.10. - 26.10.24


    Ermäßigung Zusatzbett im DZ mit 2 vollzahlenden Erwachsenen
    Children discount on request
    The tour is not recommended for children under 10!
    Fahrräder & Zubehör 
    20-speed mountainbike 150
    From and to airport on arrival and departure days included
    Additional nights
    Sanur on request
    Ubud on request

    Best - Price - Guarantee

    If you would verifiably receive better conditions and/or prices from another tour operator at the time of booking we guarantee at least the same conditions PLUS 1 handlebar bag for FREE!
    All prices per person in EUR


    Hotel samples

    You will spend your Bali-Walhai trip in different types of accommodation, which are divided as follows:

    Bali: Bloo Lagoon
    Lombok: The Chandi Resort
    Gili Air: 7 Seas Cottages
    Lombok: Rinjani Mountain Garden
    Bali: Artotel Sanur

    Additionally 4 nights on the sailing ship "Al Isra"
    Please note that the hotels may vary depending on availability.


    Rental bike

    On your journey in Indonesia you will receive a polygon mountain bike.
    The 27.5 "16", 18 "and 20" size mountain bikes have Shimano Deore features, 20-speed Shimano disc brakes, an SR Suntour XCR suspension fork and an aluminum frame.
    If you do not want to ride without your own usual saddle (without seatpost) and possibly your own usual clipless pedals, we ask you to bring them with you and have them assembled by the tour guides to the rental bike.

    We kindly ask you to treat the bike provided to you carefully during the journey and to ensure that it is always safely parked and protected from falling over (especially in salt water). Also, keep in mind that you will be charged for any damage you have caused and will not be covered by the rental fee included in the travel price.

    Attention: As the bikes are without luggage carriers and as it is important to drink enough on the bike tours, we recommend taking a hydration pack with you. Bottle cages for drinking bottles are attached to the frame.


    Arrival / Departure

    Arrival by plane

    Airport: Denpasar (DPS)
    Flights can be booked individually. For details see your final travel documents.


    Airport - Hotel - Airport included. A guide will welcome you at the airport.
    Please advise your flight details as soon as you have them!

    Transfers from and to the airport are included on the official arrival - and departure days. On all other days transfers upon request.


    Minimum number of participants: 4
    Dates for groups of 6 or more on request.


    Basically our opinion is that only children with a good endurance and a minimum age of 10 years can deal with the bike tour on their own.
    Please note that we can only provide bicycles from a height of 1.40 m.

    Entry requirements

    Citizens from Germany, Switzerland, Holland and Austria need for a stay up to 30 days no visa! All you need is a valid passport at least 6 months, which is provided at entry with a stamp. No exit has to be paid no more security fee.

    For Citizens of other countries please contact the responsible embassy.

    After immigration control are the arrival halls with the baggage or the baggage carousels, some exchange offices (Caution !!: poor exchange rates), and hotel reservation desk.
    The customs inspection normally examines hand luggage. The import of weapons, pornographic literature and pictures, drugs etc. is punished.
    After customs control there are cash machines (ATM) of various banks available.


    In general, we recommend to consult your family doctor or even better a tropical medicine and to make missing vaccinations in time.
    Please keep in mind that in order to be effective, some vaccinations need to be repeated several times. A special vaccination on your trip is not required, but it is advisable.
    Therefore, we recommend that you also take the usual vaccinations in Germany against tetanus and diphtheria, which can be administered as a combination vaccine perform or possibly fresh. A refresher is required every 10 years. A single vaccine dose is sufficient, even if the last vaccination was more than 10 years ago. In addition, we recommend that you consult your family doctor about a hepatitis A tetanus and typhoid vaccine. At risk groups, we recommend that you also inform yourself about the following vaccinations: Hepatitis B, cholera, rabies.


    Bali is just 8 ° south of the equator. Therefore, it has a tropical climate. This means that the daytime temperatures are around 30 ° C for most of the year and only a little cool down to 22 ° - 26 ° C at night. Per 100 meters of altitude you can expect about 1 ° C lower temperature.
    The seasons are defined in Indonesia almost exclusively on the amount of rainfall and not on the temperature. Here, the expression of the respective season is regionally quite different. Climate is characterized by the rainy winter monsoon (also West Monsoon) from north to west and the summer monsoon (also East Monsoon) from the southeast of Australia ago, which brings occasionally longer periods of drought, especially the eastern islands of Indonesia. Regionally, however, the Indonesian climate is very complex and varied. So the basic features described here can not be more than an indication of what to expect. In any case, especially during the rainy season (December to March) again and again with occasional short rains can be expected, since the humidity is very high and even a slight cooling can ensure that the air can no longer absorb the water. However, these showers usually make the blue sky as fast as they used to cover it up again. During the dry season rain is very rare.


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