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Switzerland cycling tours: The best holidays for you

You are seeking for the next challenge? Go on a bike holiday in Switzerland! The picturesque country has great landscapes to offer and will not let you down. As high as your expectations might be, Switzerland will fulfill you dreams. Stunning sceneries and challenging track layouts will provide you with a sporty yet fulfilling experience. Furthermore, the Swiss population is very hospitable so that you will feel fully at ease during your Swiss bicycle tour. Impressive monuments and the unique variety of medieval towns, Mediterranean-style lakes and harsh mountain ranges round your trip off. Let Switzerland be a once-in-a-lifetime experience and discover its streets and nature with all of your senses.

  • Cyclists in Tournon 0,0 6

    France / Switzerland

    Rhône Cycle path

    Everything runs and enjoys

    • 8 Days/ 7 Nights
    • Roundtrip
    • Level: a
  • Cyclists on the Rhone cycle path 0,0 6


    Swiss Rhône Cycle path

    Sun, wine and culture

    • 8 Days/ 7 Nights
    • Roundtrip
    • Level: 2
  • Cyclists in Berlingen 0,0 6

    Germany / Switzerland / Austria / Liechtenstein

    Three Lakes, Rhine - Liechtenstein

    Lake Constance - Lake Zurich - Lake Walen

    • 8 Days/ 7 Nights
    • Roundtrip
    • Level: a

Switzerland’s cycling tours promise bright lakes and beautiful cities

Spectacular landscapes dominate the land of the Swiss. From mountain ranges and icy glaciers over springs, rivers and crystal clear lakes. When exploring this destination by bike, you can expect to find picture-perfect idyll behind every bend of the route. A proper cyclists' Eldorado that will have you clicking your tongue! Moreover, you will find little towns and the cutest mountain cabins serving soul food that will make hungry cyclists the happiest people on earth.

Constance or Interlaken – you decide where to start!

At Eurocycles, we offer different cycling holidays in Switzerland. You choose your starting point and final destination of the holiday. Will Lake Constance be the beginning of your travels or the long-desired final stop? If you choose one of our holidays from Constance to Interlaken, you will visit:

  • the Rhine Falls near Schaffhausen,
  • Zurich,
  • Einsiedeln
  • Lucerne

Along the way, you will pass some of the most beautiful Alpine lakes. Scenic highlights are therefore most definitely the stages along Lake Zurich and Lake Lucerne. These lakes are particularly fascinating, as the surrounding mountain peaks are reflected by the water and create beautiful tingling silhouettes. Even if a cycling holiday at Lake Constance is a great start for your holiday, the opposite directions has its upsides. The mountains Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau line up majestically and accompany you for a while along the cycle path towards Bern. If you have never visited Bern before, you should definitely check it out during your Swiss bicycle tour. If you wish, you can also stay the night and get plenty of time to discover sights such as the arcades of the old town or the Bear Park. However, this tour is not all about the big cities. Solothurn also lies along the way and is considered the most beautiful baroque town of Switzerland. In addition, you will of course get your daily dose of stunning nature. Mountain panoramas are constantly present in Switzerland and will challenge bikers of different skill levels. Tipp: Switzerland is the perfect country to travel to more European destinations. How about a cycling holiday in Italy? As Italy is bordering with Switzerland, some of our Italy offers combine these two stunning European gems.

From east until west - wonderful Switzerland cycle tours

Are you longing for beautiful nature and great panoramic views? Our tour along the Swiss Rhône cycle path leads from Andermatt to Geneva and will not disappoint you. The route leads you from the center to the west and will leave you speechless about the variety of landscapes this country has to offer. The counterpart to this tour is our roundtrip from Lake Constance along the Swiss-Lichtenstein-Austrian border region. On this Three lakes + Rhine +Lichtenstein trip, you will pass stunning lakes, one more beautiful than the other, alpine terrain and Mediterranean landscapes. Are you having a tough time deciding? We got you covered! Reach out to us and together, we will find the perfect holiday for you!

Bike holidays in Switzerland – not without St. Moritz

Hardly any other Swiss town is as famous as the sophisticated spa town St. Moritz. Starting from here, cycle tours through Switzerland and neighboring Italy allow you to get to know the Alps from their most impressive side. In addition to the Swiss landscape, you will discover the flair of Italy. Especially the stage along Lake Como is extremely fascinating and captures every tourist with its beauty. Another Eurocycles option for unforgettable Switzerland cycling tours is the route from St. Moritz through the Swiss and Italian mountains. The tour is suitable for professionals as well as moderate cyclists as some of the climbs can be left out by taking the mountain train. The Bernina Pass is steep, so that the train service up to the top will save you some valuable energy. Even without having to cycle, the local food served at the top will be the perfect reward and will charge your batteries for the upcoming climbs and challenges.

Frequently asked questions about bike holidays in Switzerland

How do I plan my Swiss cycling holiday?

If you decide to book a tour with Eurocycles, we take the planning off your hands. During a guided tour, you will always have someone to talk to that leads you along the Swiss mountain trails. When travelling on your own, we provide you with maps, pre-booked accommodations and luggage service so you always know where to go next!

Is Switzerland bike-friendly?

Yes, the country is very safe for cyclists. Many tourists discover the country by bike every year, meaning that the roads are well-paved and everything is ready for a bike-friendly holiday in the Alps!


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