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Cycling holiday in Slovenia

Small but diverse: This describes Slovenia the best as it has many adventures in store for you. The country stretches from the Alps to the shores of the Adriatic Sea and in addition, has many historic places to visit. Slovenia used to be the northernmost province of the multi-ethnic Yugoslavian state and has become independent in 1991. A Slovenia cycling tour is a proper insider’s tip and leaves many visitors speechless: The combination and diversity of landscapes is unique and many destinations are just waiting to be discovered by you and your bike!

  • Die Landschaft geniessen - enjoy the landscape 0,0 6

    Italy / Slovenia

    Slovenia: The emerald tour

    From the capital to the mediterranean coast

    • 8 Days/ 7 Nights
    • Roundtrip
    • Level: 2
  • cyclists along the adriatic cost near Koper 0,0 6

    Italy / Croatia / Slovenia

    Trieste and Istria’s coast

    Sun-kissed Mediterranean Peninsula

    • 8 Days/ 7 Nights
    • Roundtrip
    • Level: a
  • Cyclists along the Alps adriatic path 0,0 6

    Austria / Slovenia / Italy

    Alps-Adriatic cycle trail / Villach-Ljubljana-Trieste

    From Austria via Slovenia to Italy

    • 8 Days/ 7 Nights
    • Roundtrip
    • Level: b
  • Venice 0,0 6

    Italy / Croatia / Slovenia

    Venice - Istria

    Along the Adriatic Coast, 1 beach - 3 countries

    • 8 Days/ 7 Nights
    • Roundtrip
    • Level: a

Slovenia & cycling: a perfect match

Northern Slovenia borders with Austria. The countries have a natural border and share the Karawanks, a huge mountain range that is part of the Alps. In the south, smaller hills give you the first view of the next bordering country, Croatia. Down south, you can already feel the Mediterranean character whereas in the north, the alpine flair is present. If you are seeking for a bigger challenge, our Danube experience by bike and boat might be the perfect match for you! In addition to Slovenia, you will also travel other countries such as Hungary, Austria and Serbia. However, the good thing about a cycling holiday in Slovenia: You do not have to decide. Go on a trip and discover all adventures of the country:

  • Maribor and Ljubljana: The cities are the perfect match for those interested in culture and art.
  • Kobarit is home to the European Museum of the Year of 1998 and invites you to discover cultural heritage as well as natural highlights.
  • Triglav National Park: An absolute must-see for nature enthusiasts during a bike holiday in Slovenia. The cool Soca River shimmers emerald green and is just the beginning of the stunning nature.
  • Sommeliers: The east of the country is definitely tempting for vine-lovers. The sun-drenched vineyards produce some fine vines ready to be discovered during a vine-tasting.
  • Postojna cave system: Impressive stalagmites can be admired at Postonja. Some visitors even claim to have come across a cave olm. See for yourself!
  • Lipicia: Horses are your thing? Then you must visit the city of Lipicia and see the home of Lipizzaners, a very well-known horse breed.

Slovenia: cycling through the landscape of a whole continent

On a cycling holiday through Slovenia, you will encounter unique mountain peaks, enchanting lakes, historic cities, endless forests and stunning Mediterranean coastlines. The country is rather small, so that you do not have to travel thousands of kilometers to see all of the highlights mentioned above. Due to the mountainous terrain, we recommend the tour to intermediate and experienced cyclists. Those seeking for a relaxed family cycling holiday are better off in Croatia or for example at Lake Constance. It depends on your personal preferences whether you embark on the journey alone (self-guided) or as part of a guided bike holiday through Slovenia.

The diversity of Slovenia

Nature lovers will get their money’s worth on a bike holiday in Slovenia, as will more ambitious athletes or hobby cyclists interested in history. Between challenging alpine routes and relaxed maritime rides, Slovenia symbolizes an enchanting combination of European mentalities and picturesque landscapes. You cannot get enough of the maritime flair? Combine Slovenia with a cycling holiday in Croatia and take in even more costal cycling paths. Reach out and get the information you need from Eurocycles! We have been offering cycling holidays in Slovenia, the “green heart of Europe”, for years and will surely find your perfect match. Let’s travel Slovenia together!

Frequently asked questions about Slovenia and cycling

Is Slovenia well-suited for cycling?

Yes, Slovenia is a great country to go cycling as you pass many historic sites and diverse landscapes. However, the terrain is quite hilly so that we would not recommend the tours for total beginners or families.

Where can I go cycling in Slovenia?

If you book a proper cycling holiday in Slovenia, you do not have to decide where to go cycling. Some tours take you from Ljubljana in the north to Piran, a city right next to the Mediterranean Sea. Like this, you pass some of the most popular cycling spots of the country and get to discover the beautiful nature of Slovenia.


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