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Bike and Boat: the combination for maximal flexibility

Do you love cycling but equally enjoy the light breeze in your hair on a river cruise ship? If so, we have the right type of holiday for you! Book one of our Bike & Boat adventures and enjoy the advantages of both means of transportation during just one holiday.

  • Cyclists with Swiss Crown 0,0 6

    Germany / Austria

    Danube Impressions by BIKE + BOAT Passau-Vienna-Passau

    Swiss Crown | Empress Sisi´s Danube

    • 8 Days/ 7 Nights
    • Bike & Boat
    • Level: 1
  • Radfahrer + Carissima vor Esztergom 0,0 6

    Germany / Austria / Slovakia / Hungary

    Danube Waltz by BIKE + PREMIUM-BOAT Passau-Budapest

    MV Vivienne + MV Swiss Crown / Danube Highlights

    • 8 Days/ 7 Nights
    • Bike & Boat
    • Level: 1
  • Ruins of Golubac 0,0 6

    Germany / Austria / Slovakia / Hungary / Croatia / Serbia

    Danube Experience by BIKE + BOAT / Iron Gate

    Fjord-like Landscapes, Puszta, Balkan and Paprika

    • 15 Days/ 14 Nights
    • Bike & Boat
    • Level: a
  • Tourist watching the Pelican Birds wildlife fauna in the Danube Delta 0,0 6


    Natural Paradise Danube Delta by Bike + Boat

    Europe’s last natural paradise

    • 8 Days/ 7 Nights
    • Bike & Boat
    • Level: 2

Enjoy the beauty of Europe on a bike and boat tour

Cycling holidays are the perfect match for nature enthusiasts and sportsmen. If these type of tourists vacation together, everything works out just fine. However, sometimes not all the group members have the same level of fitness or want to cycle as much as the others do. For these heterogeneous groups, Bike & Boat holidays offer the required diversity as they combine sport, nature and the river cruise ship atmosphere. Our riverside bicycle paths are made for this type of holiday. The Danube bicycle way is one of our favorite riverside paths and underlines the advantages of bike and boat holidays. During the day, you explore the surrounding area on beautiful bicycle paths that will also lead you away from the riverbed. In the evening, you return to the boat and benefit from the comfortable river cruise hotel beds. Recharging your batteries for the next day is very easy in this beautiful surrounding. Delicious food is included so that you can end every day with a nice dinner and are set for the awaiting adventures.

Bike & Boat: the perfect duo for an adventure vacation

When combining a river cruise and a cycling holiday, it is up to you how many miles you cycle a day. Like this, you can adjust the holiday exactly to your fitness level and make it a perfect vacation for beginners or families. Moreover, you get to know a specific region as you spend more time in one place. Without daily cycling targets, the vacation becomes more relaxed and less daring. With the gained time, you can wander off and explore historic castles without any time pressure. Another advantage: packing suitcases will not spoil your nights. As your swimming hotel is always near you, you only have to pack and unpack once. Here is an overview of your benefits when traveling with bike and boat:

  • Flexibility on your cycling tours (adjustable to fitness and pedal force)
  • Extended adventures in your selected holiday region
  • No need to move around luggage
  • Comfortable accommodation
  • Full catering aboard the ship

Book Bike & Boat and benefit from all advantages

Are you not confident enough to take on a cycling tour with long stages without your e-bike yet? This is not a problem when booking a holiday at Eurocycles! Our tours are diverse and especially the bike and boat offers combine different types of holidays for every fitness level. How would you like a cycling tour along the Vltava River? The highlight of this tour will be a stay in the golden city Prague. We also offer trips along the Elbe Cycle Route, which will surprise you with its unique maritime charm. Booking a holiday with Eurocycle is always a joy as many aspects of your journey are included in the deal: bike hire, your swimming hotel and full catering! In addition, you get rid of the daily luggage struggle on bike and barge holidays as you move into your cabin the first day and will not have to change it again. We also cover all of your tolls for bridges, locks and mooring. Once aboard the ship, your guide will help you plan your daily cycling tours and get you started. The only aspect that is not included in your travel package are flight and train journeys.

Bike & Boat: the holiday adventure for those who want more

Our trips enable you to spend a relaxed cycling holiday in Germany, Europe or overseas without having to be ultra-fit. Discover your dream destination by boat, bicycle or on foot and trust in your experienced travel partner Eurocycles. Book your riverboat cruise with us and decide yourself how many miles you want to cycle a day. Cycling holidays have never been this flexible!

Frequently asked questions about our bike and boat tours

Are the boats fully booked?

The capacity depends on the number of bookings but the price for the tour is not affected by it. The only reason for our price range are the different cabin types. All costs concerning your travel on boat are included in the original price of the tour.

Can I bring my own bike to a Bike & Boat tour?

Depending on how you get to the start point of your journey, you can of course bring your own bike. However, we recommend using our hire bike service as you can save the costs for an expensive bike transport. We have different types of bikes on offer so that you will surely find the right fit for you.


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