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Our Sustainability Policy

We have a declared goal in tourism and beyond: we want people to explore the world by bike. Cycling trips should be established as the number one form of travel in Europe. We focus on sustainable, natural experiences that are good for people and nature. Cultural diversity and social interaction play a key role here. Ecological values are integrated as well as strengthening the sustainability awareness of all customers even after a trip. In addition to traveling by bike, our economic activities also include the reduction of plastic and paper, the use of renewable energies and the consistent integration of all regional food and beverages. In this way, we not only increase the important added value in the European travel regions we offer, but also raise acceptance and awareness of sustainable action in all partner regions.

Cycling in itself is already an extremely sustainable form of travel. Getting around by bike is not only environmentally friendly, but also promotes the mental and physical health of travelers. Cyclists also experience the landscape and local cultures intensively. The exchange with the regional population takes place in a gentle and direct way. This creates added value at a local level. We want to maximize these positive effects for both guests and the local population and at the same time reduce negative social aspects and environmental and economic grievances.


 Travelife Partner Status 

We are pleased to announce that we have recently achieved the Travelife Partner Status. More than 35 national travel associations are promoting the scheme to their members including, KATO, the Kenyan Association of Tour operators, TATO, the Tanzanian Association of Tour Operators, ABTA, The British Travel Association, PATA, FTT, and ANVR.

This Sustainability Policy is intended to illustrate the efforts we have already made in terms of sustainability and to describe our sustainability goals for the coming years. The focus is on the one hand on the day-to-day work processes in the office and on the other hand on the sustainable further development of our cycle tours. This guideline is a dynamic strategy and implementation document that is supported by all employees in the company. The following overarching goals are important to us:


Paper- and Plastic reduction

The sustainable and careful use of paper is important to us. We have been able to reduce paper consumption within the office by 80% in recent years. We have achieved this primarily by digitizing the company’s internal workflow. In the coming years, we want to further minimize paper consumption and reduce paper and plastic waste by 30%. To achieve this goal, we are focusing on the following areas:

  • Optimizing printing in internal office work processes
  • Ordering external printed materials based on actual demand
  • Raising awareness within the office about the careful use of printers and printing paper
  • Digitization projects in internal company and customer-relevant areas
  • General paper consumption in the office (e.g. WC and internal kitchen area)
  • Selection of internal and external printed materials made from recycled paper
  • Collective packaging for ordered goods and promotional items instead of individual packaging
  • Selection and ordering of refillable items for internal office use where it makes sense to do so


Energy & Water usage

The office already uses electricity from 100% renewable energy sources. The office has also been fully converted to energy-saving light bulbs. We see further potential here in the careful use of energy and water. Our declared aim is to reduce energy consumption by 30 % over the next few years.

  • Use of office IT equipment in energy-saving mode
  • Energy-saving use of office air conditioning and heating systems
  • Raising awareness of energy-saving practices within the office
  • When purchasing new electronic devices, sustainable solutions are considered and prioritized in the purchasing decision process
  • Inclusion of electric cars in the decision-making process for new purchases when transporting luggage for self-organized bike trips
  • Selection of the most sustainable transport company for transfers during the cycle tour depending on price and comfort
  • Consistent use of Vienna’s high spring water with the best drinking quality


Social aspects

As a tour operator and employer, we are aware of our social responsibility towards our customers, partners, employees and also the people in the tourist regions. In order to meet these requirements, we are already focusing on the following objectives and will continue to do so in the coming years:

Within the office:

  • Provide and promote further training opportunities for employees
  • Promote team building and development
  • Guarantee social bonus benefits for employees
  • Ensure suitable office infrastructure to guarantee the physical health of employees
  • Enable and encourage participation in social projects in the local community
  • Respectful treatment of all employees regardless of gender orientation and origin

Product related:

  • Consistent integration of local products and services into our offerings
  • Ensuring that child labor or forced labor is prevented throughout the supply chain


In order to raise and strengthen the collective awareness of these sustainable objectives within the office, the topic of sustainability is integrated as a fixed point in recurring team meetings and the progress made in implementing the objectives is reflected upon. The formulated targets are continuously checked to ensure they are achievable. The aim is also to ensure that every team member understands and supports these sustainability goals. In addition, low-threshold opportunities are created for employees to submit their own proposals for measures and actively participate.


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