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Via Claudia Augusta: One cycling path, three possible routes

Once upon a time, the Via Claudia Augusta had been one of the most important Roman roads. It connected southern Germany with Italy and is nowadays a popular cycling path. If you decide to travel with Eurocycles.at, we offer you three different options to tackle the route along the Via Claudia Augusta.

  • Fruit market in Bozen 0,0 6

    Austria / Italy

    Adige Cycle Path

    From Innsbruck to Bolzano

    • 8 Days/ 7 Nights
    • Roundtrip
    • Level: 2
  • cyclists in Tyrol 0,0 6

    Germany / Austria / Italy


    Augsburg - Merano/Bolzano/Verona

    • 8/11/12 Days/ 7/8/11 Nights
    • Roundtrip
    • Level: 2
  • cyclists in Tyrol 0,0 6

    Germany / Austria / Italy


    Augsburg/Füssen - Lake Garda (Riva)

    • 8/11 Days/ 7/10 Nights
    • Roundtrip
    • Level: 2

Via Claudia Augusta I – our cycle road from Augsburg to Verona and back

Our cycling holiday Via Claudia Augusta I mainly consists of paved and signposted cycling paths leading along quiet side roads. On average, you will be cycling 28 miles a day and we offer you shuttle bus services for the two major climbs of the route. The tour will be eleven days in total, however you are able to book specific legs according to your fitness level.

Your starting point is the historic city of Augsburg in Germany. After cycling to Landsberg, you will have a spectacular first few of the Alps at the horizon. Before reaching the mountainous area, you will spend some time at Pfaffenwinkel. The region is characteristic for its meadows, forests, marshland, lakes and river beds and will prepare you for crossing the Alps. After two more nights in Schongau and Füssen, your shuttle will take you to the first alpine pass of the Claudia Augusta Cycling Route. You will continue cycling across the Gurg Valley until you reach the Austrian city of Imst. The next check-in will be Landsleck where the next shuttle bus awaits you. It takes you across the Reschen pass where you cross the border to Italy. From this point forward, it will be a lot of downhill cycling along many beautiful villages, including Mals. Along the river Adige, you will make your way to the old spa town Merano. If you prefer to spend some time in the city, you are more than welcome to extend your trip.

Eventually, you will continue cycling until reaching Bolzano, yet another beautiful city of South Tyrol. The last leg of your holiday will be from Bolzano to Verona. It is again up to you how many days you want to stay at Bolzano before tackling the last leg. Nature might have saved the best bits till last: the leg from Bolzano to Verona is absolutely stunning and takes you along Lake Kaltern, Trient and Belluno Veronese. The region will be one of your scenic and culinary highlights of the journey. After one last push up the hill after Rivoli Veronese, you will have reached the final destination of Via Claudia Augusta I: the city of Romeo and Juliet.

Via Claudia Augusta II: Light travels from Bavaria to Lake Garda

Low-frequented side roads and proper cycling paths will lead you to your destination: Lake Garda. Thanks to the shuttle services, you will be travelling nearly effortless and can make the most of your cycling holiday. The beginning of the journey is similar to our Via Claudia Augusta I cycle road until the last leg. We will leave the Via Claudia Augusta just before reaching Roverto to make our way to Lake Garda. The San Giovanni uphill climb will be rewarded with an overwhelming panorama descent towards Torbole. The last part of the journey will lead you along the lakeside towards Riva del Garda. Ambitious tourists can tailor their cycling holiday Via Claudia Augusta II to be more challenging:

  • Trip will be two days shorter resulting in a higher daily-load
  • Second day will consist of 52 miles of cycling
  • No visit of Lake Kaltern

Tipp: We recommend combining this trip with one of our tours along the Roman road from Donauwörth to Füssen.

Via Claudia Augusta III: Travel through King Laurins rose garden to Bolzano

Our third tour leads you along the Adige Cycling Path starting at Innsbruck. Due to the moderate track profile, this variation of the Via Claudia Augusta cycling route is also suitable for beginners and bikers with a lower fitness level. A shuttle bus will take you up the Reschen pass from Landeck. The picturesque view of the mountain range is especially stunning during sundown. You will be cycling along the downward-flowing river Adige for eight days before reaching Bolzano. If you desire to travel farther, it is of course possible to extend your trip. With the extension, you will continue cycling until you reach Venice.

Crossing the Alps in the footsteps of the Romans

The Via Claudia Augusta is an historic masterpiece of engineering, surrounded by picturesque landscapes. Thanks to our luggage service, shuttle bus services and extensive organization, bike holidays with Eurocycles.at are always worthwhile. Get out of your comfort zone, discover the Via Claudia Augusta by bike and book your desired route now!

Frequently asked questions about tackling the Via Claudia Augusta by bike

How suitable is the Via Claudia Augusta for beginners?

Cycling the Via Claudia Augusta is also possible for beginners. We offer thee variations of the route, some of them including shuttle busses taking you up the steep alpine passes. Therefore, the routes can be easily tailored to your needs and fitness level.

Which countries does the Via Claudia Augusta cross?

The historic Roman road connects Germany and Italy. To be precise, the route takes you from Augsburg in Germany via Austria to Verona in Italy. At Eurocycles.at, we offer three variations of the route, all consisting of many cultural and scenic highlights.


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