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    Island of the gods

    • Adventure cycling through the "Island of Gods" Bali and Java. We experience colorfully ceremonies on the island of Bali and an exciting bike ride on Java. Outstanding adventure in Java is the bike ride to 2800m high active volcano Ijen with its bluegreen shimmering crater lake and the subsequent descent through mighty rainforest to the ocean. ADVENTURE and EXPERIENCE is guaranteed!

      Tour profile / Level 2

      We have categorized the tour profile of the trip as Level 2. The bike tours require a certain basic condition, which every day riders should have already. The daily stages of an average of 30 to 40 km lead partly through flat, sometimes hilly to mountainous terrain and are cycled without pressure. The roads are mostly paved, but also good passable nature trails are used. With good driving technique, we also have a few easy singletrails ready. Helmet is mandatory on the bike tours.

      Day 1: Denpasar

      Welcome to Bali, the Island of the Gods. After being picked up from Denpasar Airport, we値l have time for a welcome drink, before being set up on our bikes. We値l then take a short transfer to the beautiful village of Ubud in central Bali, an art and cultural centre, where we値l stay for the next 3 nights. This is a relatively quiet town by Balinese standards, but jam-packed with attractions: markets, beautiful architecture such as palaces and temples, and the Ubud Monkey Forest with its crab-eating maqaques. You値l be pleased to spend the time here! B&B Hotel

      Day 2: Ubud - Raftingtour Ayung River, approx. 25 km

      There is the option for an epic rafting adventure in the Ayung River through breathtaking scenery and tropical greenery. We値l complete the day with a short bike ride. Tonight, we値l spend another evening in Ubud with its vast choice of warungs (restaurants). We highly recommend you try the smoked duck or babi guling (suckling pig, one of Bali痴 most famous dishes).B&B Hotel/L

      Day 3: Ubud - Exploring trip around Ubud, approx. 32 km

      Today, a leisurely first day痴 biking on relatively flat terrain past traditional villages and rice terraces to visit the Royal Tombs of 竪unung Kawi. A small river runs through the stunning scenery of these Balinese stone carvings, so we can take a break at a waterfall. After this historical excursion we bike back to the bustling and beautiful town of Ubud which you can explore on foot this evening. B&B Hotel/L

      Day 4: Ubud - Bedugul, approx. 40 km

      Today we venture into the mountains, where you will be able to work off the wonderful food from the previous evening! The first few kilometres will be relatively easy we bike along the rice terraces and cocoa plantations. We take one last glance into the Canyon of the Ayung River before we follow the winding asphalt road through coffee plantations and deep woods, upwards to the crater of a long extinguished volcano. The ascent is steep, but we値l be accompanied by a minibus today in case you get weary. B&B Hotel

      Day 5: Bedugul - Hiking to the waterfall, approx. 7 km

      To give the frayed seat muscles a chance to relax, we will take a trek today. After a short bus ride we walk by Farmer land with many exotic fruits such as tamarillo, passion fruit, oranges, mango and enter into a ravine in the mountain jungle. It does not take long and the screeching of birds gives way to the roar of the waterfalls. After crossing a bamboo bridge we reach behind the thicket a waterfall with natural pool. A great opportunity to enjoy the exuberant nature and take a cool dip ..... There is to strengthen traditional * "nasi campur". Only a narrow path through the thicket and ancient trees brings us then to a touristy unknown waterfall, with a little luck we will also find the famous * kopi luwak.
      After visiting a small coffee farm we put the last meters to the hotel without great effort again by bus back. B&B Hotel/L

      *nasi champur = mixed rice, *kopi luwak = Cat Coffee

      Day 6: Bedugul - Pemuteran, approx. 35 km

      A short hard climb in the Monkey Forest will bring us to the edge of a volcanic caldera. Take a last glance from 1200 m to the glittering Bali Sea below. Then, a swooping 40km downhill through forests, rice terraces and villages to the north coast. If time permits, we will also stop at a waterfall. The minivan will transfer us to our hotel later this afternoon, where there will be time for a swim in the pool or sea. Depending on your preference, there will be various riding options late in the day. B&B Hotel

      Day 7: Pemuteran - Bondowoso, approx. 35 km

      In the morning, how about diving or snorkelling in the sea, surrounded by colourful fish. This afternoon, we値l take a ferry across the ocean on a spectacular ride towards Java. Ferry is the only way to reach the starting point of our upcoming epic adventure. We値l stay the night at a hotel in Java. B/B Hotel

      Day 8: Camping on the Volcano - Devils mine, approx. 38 km

      Only hard-core bikers will be able to make this climb in one day! For everyone else, there痴 the minivan. The ride starts flat, but gets steeper as we pass sugar-cane plantations, cocos palms, jungle, and villages. Then it痴 an 8km downhill to a plain surrounded by coffee-plantations and volcanos. Then, another 10 km climbing past coffee plantations and wilderness to our camp ground at the Devil痴 Mine. For those who can still walk, it痴 just 400 m to the edge of the smoking volcano. It痴 a special place to admire as the sun sets. Tonight: a barbecue and a bonfire at the camp ground. Overnight in 2-person tents / B/D

      Day 9: Vulcano Ijen - Bayuwangi, approx. 35 km

      Bike or hike to the crater痴 edge before sunrise to see smoke on the ghostly green water. It痴 like looking into a giant cauldron of a witch痴 kitchen! At this altitude (2250 m), there痴 an incredible view of the nearby volcanoes Merapi (2800 m) and Raung (3322 m). Then, its 35 km of downhill through jungle, coffee and cocos plantations to our destination the ocean! On the way, a short stop at a tropical waterfall. Once fed and refreshed, we値l visit a market in Banyu, and chat with the locals. Then, we値l check in to our hotel for the night. B/B Hotel

      Day 10: Dunglebook adventure, approx. 35 km

      We drive to the starting point of today痴 journey from where we say goodbye to civilization. We climb 350 m through jungle trails, then its asphalt and shingle tracks, through coffee, cocoa and rubber plantations. At the highest point there are fantastic views back to the mountains of the Raung-Massif. Next is an awesome downhill past lianas, ferns and jungle-giants. Shy black monkeys and screaming birds will be our companions all the way down to Rajegwesi Bay. We値l camp in the Meru Betiri National Park and after sunset, dinner will include fresh fish. Overnight in 2-person tents / B/D

      Info: On this day there is the possibility to go on a trip to the turtle beach Sukamade to observe sea turtles at the egg laying. The excursion is optional and the price depends on the number of people (50, - to 70, - per person), book-and payable locally.

      Day 11: Pulau Merah - The Red Island, approx. 25 km

      In the morning we can swim in the turquoise waters of this idyllic and secluded cove and visit the traditional fisherman. After we値l pass through different plantations en route to the beach at the 坦ed Island Pulau Merah. On the way we have the possibility to try some fruits, cause we pass a lot of Dragon Fruit plantations. On the Red Island Beach we can again swim and relax for the rest of the day and with a bit of luck we may see a sea turtle. Late afternoon the bus will bring us to the hotel for the last night on the island Java. B&B Hotel

      Day 12: Back to Bali - Sanur

      We can enjoy the magical sunrise from Java about Bali or we have time for another refreshing swim before the bus takes us after the breakfast to the ferry back to Bali. We値l arrive at our hotel in the south of the island in the early evening. B&B Hotel.
      1 hours ferry and around 4 hours by bus to the hotel in South Bali. B&B Hotel

      Day 13: Sanur - Day of Rest

      A welcome free day after yesterday痴 efforts. Relax, go shopping or surf the waves. If you can稚 surf, now痴 a great time to learn, or just watch the professionals. There is plenty to see and do in this iconic Balinese destination on your last day!

      Day 14: Sanur - Airporttransfer to Denpasar/ Departure

      A final morning to relax and pack, before we transfer you to the airport at Denpasar.


      Airport: Denpasar (DPS)

      Flights can be booked individually. For details see your final travel documents.


      Airport - Hotel - Airport inklusive
      Please advise your flight details as soon as you have them

      Transfers from and to the airport are included on the official arrival - and departure days.
      On all other days transfers upon request.
      A guide will welcome you at the airport.


      Minimum number of participants: 4


      Basically our opinion is that only children with a good endurance and a minimum age of 10 years can deal with the bike tour on their own.
      Please note that we can only provide bicycles from a height of 1.40 m.


      Citizens from Germany, Switzerland, Holland and Austria need for a stay up to 30 days no visa! All you need is a valid passport at least 6 months, which is provided at entry with a stamp. No exit has to be paid no more security fee.
      For Citizens of other countries please contact the responsible embassy.

      After immigration control are the arrival halls with the baggage or the baggage carousels, some exchange offices (Caution !!: poor exchange rates), and hotel reservation desk.
      The customs inspection examined i.d.R. hand luggage. The import of weapons, pornographic literature and pictures, drugs etc. is hard punished.
      After customs control there are also cash machines (ATM) of various banks.


      In general, we recommendto consult your family doctor or even better a tropical medicine and to make missing vaccinations in time.
      Please keep in mind that in order to be effective, some vaccinations need to be repeated several times. A special vaccination on your trip is not required, but it is advisable.
      Therefore, we recommend that you also take the usual vaccinations in Germany against tetanus and diphtheria, which can be administered as a combination vaccine perform or possibly fresh. A refresher is required every 10 years. A single vaccine dose is sufficient, even if the last vaccination was more than 10 years ago. In addition, we recommend that you consult your family doctor about a hepatitis A tetanus and typhoid vaccine. At risk groups, we recommend that you also inform yourself about the following vaccinations: Hepatitis B, cholera, rabies.


      Bali is just 8 ー south of the equator. Therefore, it has a tropical climate. This means that the daytime temperatures are around 30 ー C for most of the year and only a little cool down to 22 ー - 26 ー C at night. Per 100 meters of altitude you can expect about 1 ー C lower temperature.
      The seasons are defined in Indonesia almost exclusively on the amount of rainfall and not on the temperature. Here, the expression of the respective season is regionally quite different. Climate is characterized by the rainy winter monsoon (also West Monsoon) from north to west and the summer monsoon (also East Monsoon) from the southeast of Australia ago, which brings occasionally longer periods of drought, especially the eastern islands of Indonesia. Regionally, however, the Indonesian climate is very complex and varied. So the basic features described here can not be more than an indication of what to expect. In any case, especially during the rainy season (December to March) again and again with occasional short rains can be expected, since the humidity is very high and even a slight cooling can ensure that the air can no longer absorb the water. However, these showers usually make the blue sky as fast as they used to cover it up again. During the dry season rain is very rare.

      Book here your discounted train ticket... Book your flights online... Book here your bus ticket... Book your hotel online...
    • Included services:
      • 11 B/B in good to very good middle class hotels european standards
      • 2 Nights on campground, double tents/mattresses/sleeping bags
      • 2 BBQ evenings, 3x Lunch
      • Pick up from Airport in Denpasar
      • All transfers in Minibus with air condition
      • Transportation of the Bikes
      • Entrance in Nationalpark
      • Ferry tickets
      • All Tours are guided by an english speaking guide
    • Choose Categories

      S1 08.03. - 21.03.20
      S1 05.04. - 18.04.20
      S1 26.04. - 09.05.20
      S1 24.05. - 06.06.20
      S1 14.06. - 27.06.20
      S2 12.07. - 25.07.20
      S2 16.08. - 29.08.20
      S1 06.09. - 19.09.20
      S1 27.09. - 10.10.20
      S1 18.10. - 31.10.20
      S1 08.11. - 21.11.20


      Discount extrabed within 2 full paying adults
      minimum age 10 years, upon request - 200
      Bicycled & Equiment
      20-speed Mountainbike 130
      Additional nights incl BB
      Denpasar (dbl/sgl) 58/69
      Sanur (dbl/sgl) 72/83

      Best - Price - Guarantee

      If you would verifiably receive better conditions and/or prices from another tour operator at the time of booking we guarantee at least the same conditions PLUS 1 handlebar bag for FREE!
      All prices per person in EUR
    • We book good to very good middleclass hotels for you.

      We can present the following hotel examples:

      3 nights in Ubud – Saren Indah Hotel
      2 nights in Bedugul - Hotel Strawberry Hill
      1 night in Pemuteran – Hotel Adi Assri
      1 night in Bondowoso – Hotel Ijen View
      1 night Camp Ijen – Vulkan Ijen
      1 night in Ketapang – Hotel Ketapang Indah
      1 night Camp - Rajegwesi Bay
      1 night in Ketapang – Hotel Ketapang Indah
      2 nights in Sanur – Artotel

      Please be informed that the mentioned hotels are just examples and may vary depending on availability.


      Rental bike :

      On your journey in Indonesia you will receive a polygon mountain bike.
      The 27.5 "16", 18 "and 20" size mountain bikes have Shimano Deore features, 20-speed Shimano disc brakes, an SR Suntour XCR suspension fork and an aluminum frame.
      If you do not want to ride without your own usual saddle (without seatpost) and possibly your own usual clipless pedals, we ask you to bring them with you and have them assembled by the tour guides to the rental bike.

      We kindly ask you to treat the bike provided to you carefully during the journey and to ensure that it is always safely parked and protected from falling over (especially in salt water). Also, keep in mind that you will be charged for any damage you have caused and will not be covered by the rental fee included in the travel price.

      As the bikes are without luggage carriers and as it is important to drink enough on the bike tours, we recommend taking a hydration pack with you. Bottle cages for drinking bottles are attached to the frame.

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