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4,8 06.06.2015 | June E. Danube Cycle Path Light / Passau - Vienna

10 day Leisurely Tour - Passau to Vienna. May 2015

Due to heavy rain approximately four days of cycling were lost. Alternative transport details i.e. rail, boat or bus with contact numbers should be available as this event cannot be unusual. As foreigners not familiar with the language or having access to information as easily as nationals it would be good to have this information included in the tour details. We found on some routes that we could not find the roads/streets mentioned in the map book. i.e. in Spitz after the ferry ride. It was not easy to find Bahnhofstrasse as it isn?t well marked. A lot of navigation on various routes was needed because street names or route markers weren?t appropriately placed at vital junctions. At a town with the Wachau Art Gallery there was no indication to turn right at this juncture for instance. Some small places were missing - i.e. Arnsdorf from the book. At the time the cycle path was flooded and we had to cycle back to Arnsdorf to get the ferry as we couldn?t use the cycle path.In Krems we could not see any signs to the railway station and had to ask more than once for directions. (This is returning to Vienna).In Vienna itself, it wasn?t spelt out in the text of the book that after you arrived at the railway station that you got onto the Danube canal cyclist path to get closer into the hotel area. Its only when I looked at the maps and saw how far away the station was from the hotel that I realised and saw that there was a cyclist path that got fairly close in to the hotel.We feel that a few pencil maps should be added to indicate street or route markers that are now shown on the route. It would make things a lot easier.Some of the hotel rooms were spacious whereas others were small. Standard of meals generally was excellent. Most hotel proprietors were friendly and helpful while a minority were not: At Engelhartszell the proprietor wouldn?t give my husband a black tea after dinner, insisting that he only had Earl Grey when at the breakfast table there were other black teas. At Mitterarnsdorf the proprietor took my husband?s money for the extras and didn?t give him back several Euros change.
  • Overall satisfaction 4
    Booking handling 4
    Travel documents 5
    Information at the beginning of the tour 5
    Accomodation 5
    Board 6
    Luggage transport 6
    Route description 3
    On-site assistance 4
    Route-character 6
    Bicycle + equipment 5
    Price-performance ratio 5
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