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4,5 04.08.2018 | Claire K. Danube Cycle Path Family bike tour "Danube hits for kids"

Danube with kids

We really enjoyed this trip - there was a lot to see, the quality of accommodation was very good and it was very different from other holidays we’ve been on before. We also live on a small island next to the sea so it was great to see rivers, swim in lakes and visit so many new towns and villages. FOR OFFICE INFORMATION: If I could make any changes to the trip they would be: - Better bikes for children - when we arrived to pick up bikes the bikes that had been put aside were not suitable. An adult female bike was waiting for my 10 year old (this was obviously way too big but the guy in the shop kept insisting it would be ok and trying to adjust it). In the end they found a smaller bike which was ok but very hard saddle. The bike for my 7 year old was tiny and suitable for 4 year old - there was no way he was cycling 40km a day on that. They didn’t really have any other bikes but in the end the guy dug out a filthy dirty bike that I had to ask him to wash. All in all we wasted nearly an hour there. Also no ‘surprises’ were waiting as promised in the brochure. We also had to pay for bike helmets - but this might be normal? - Lights on bikes that work (only 1 out of 4 bikes had working lights) - we were so late on the first day it was dark by the time we arrived - Drinks holders on bike frames - Better bike locks - we were only given two tiny locks for four bikes so we could never actually lock them to anything -(Air conditioning in hotel rooms!! I don’t think it exists in Austria!!) - Also it would have been better for us to do two shorter cycling days in the mornings instead of one whole day of rest because on the day after we couldn’t start cycling from Krems until after 2pm because of boat times (and would have been after 4pm if we hadn’t changed from original booking) - this is way too late to start a 45km cycle and in the hottest point of the day. In the end I had to take a train with the 7 year old for part of the journey. I also would change trip to maybe have the cycle from Spitz to Krems instead of Krems to Tulln as this is more interesting part of journey and then included train ticket from Krems to avoid hottest part of day - Include boat ticket to Melk on day off instead for boat experience - Highlight all the swimming pools more - the best ones we went to were Melk and Mauthausen I don’t want to dwell on the negatives because there were really way more positives than negatives (and I think the weather has been exceptionally hot which has made cycling harder than normal) but a few small changes could make experience even better
  • Overall satisfaction 5
    Booking handling 5
    Travel documents 4
    Information at the beginning of the tour 4
    Accomodation 5
    Board 3
    Luggage transport 6
    Route description 4
    On-site assistance 5
    Route-character 4
    Bicycle + equipment 3
    Price-performance ratio 6
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