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3,7 02.09.2018 | Barry B. Main Winery tour

Nice Route - Some Issues

1. All other bike holidays we have had there has been a workshop or technician at the beginning of the tour to adjust or replace bikes. With this tour the bikes were just left for us to collect. They were not adjusted to the heights provided in advance. There were 5 menís bikes and 4 ladies when we required 4 menís bikes and 5 ladies. One bike saddle was split and unusable - fortunately someone had brought their own saddle. There were no drinks holders. My wifeís bike was too big despite previous assurances following concerns raised beforehand. So we had to call Velociped who initially were not very helpful saying they could not provide a smaller bike. It was only after complaining that they provided a smaller bike from a different company. Even then they just dropped off the bike at the hotel without waiting to see if it was suitable or not. This bike could be used but it had a much smaller number of gears. We could also have done with bike computers which were not provided. The bikes otherwise gave us no problem other than one bike where the brakes stuck. 2. The hotels were on the whole fine. The best was Romantik Zur Schwane in Volkach where the wine tasting was excellent with Eva. Although we had a shock when they said we had to pay for it the next morning. The worse hotel was Weinstube Schwalbennest Am Mulbach where the location was very noisy being next to a busy main road with traffic all night. We also got shouted at by someone when we were having a final drink outside in the courtyard. The Zum Goldenen Ochsen in Aschaffenburg was the second worse as this was also very noisy with other guests (large groups of men) and the busy road. 3. The wine tasting by Deter at Ars-Vini in Sommerhausen was very good as well. Itís a shame you did not manage to find us a third tasting in English. 4. We know that you could not provide all the tour information in English but we hoped that some directions would be provide in English but they were not. The guide book had maps fortunately which helped but we struggled at times. 5. The cycle tracks were very good and extensive. 6. As our hotels were at times not in the ínormalí places we did not have any restaurant recommendations for the places we were staying. Despite all the above we did have an enjoyable holiday and thank Marie and the team for all their hard work making this possible. Regards Barry
  • Booking handling 5
    Travel documents 4
    Information at the beginning of the tour 2
    Accomodation 4
    Board 3
    Luggage transport 6
    Route description 1
    Route-character 5
    Bicycle + equipment 3
    Price-performance ratio 4
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