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5,0 04.10.2018 | Sean R. Natural Paradise Danube Delta by Bike + Boat

informative guided tour of the Danube Delta in north-east Romainia.

The guided boat + bike tour was excellent: there was a nice group, and the two guides helped with the German/English language divide to keep us all together. The food and service on the boat was great, and the whole tour very efficient, with 5 different boats and also bicycles and plenty of info about the local history, culture and also the nature of the Danube. Also stayed 2 extra nights in Tulcea which was nice and quiet, but the main tour seems to cover pretty much all the area, so not sure if it’s really worth the extra nights there. The cycling was pretty easy, almost all the group found it fine, and there was always a bus following to give people lifts when needed. All in all was a great tour, the most fun of the Danube bike tours I’ve taken.
  • Overall satisfaction 6
    Booking handling 5
    Travel documents 5
    Per-Tour information 4
    Accomodation 5
    Board 5
    Route description 5
    On-site assistance 5
    Route-character 5
    Bicycle + equipment 5
    Price-performance ratio 5
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