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5,5 09.08.2019 | Christopher M. L. Rhine Bike Path by Bike + Boat

Rhine 2019

This is our third year of booking a bike & boat trip through RAD+REISEN and overall the experiences have been very good, which is why we keep returning. The first year (2017), on the Theodor Koerner on the Danube, the trip was perfect. The ship was clean, meals were wonderful, staff was very helpful and friendly, and the tour guide, Adreas, knew the routes very well which was extremely helpful. Last year (2018), on the Arlene II, again, the ship was clean, meals were great, and the staff was very helpful and friendly. The tour guide, Norbert, was very pleasant and helpful. This year (20-27 July 2019), on the MV Arkona, the ship was clean, meals were great, and the staff was very friendly and helpful. The tour guide, Sven, was pleasant and helpful, but he did not know the route very well and he could not find English route descriptions for the English speaking passengers for the direction of Strasbourg-Mainz (we did get the map book, but not the book with the written instructions in English). He did have English route descriptions for Mainz-Strausbourg, but that was not at all helpful because the directions were in reverse and just made things confusing. We had purchased our own maps and also had GPS devices which made the travel a little easier, but there were times that we lost our way and might have been able to stay on the path if we had the route description.
  • Overall satisfaction 6
    Booking handling 6
    Travel documents 6
    Per-Tour information 6
    Accomodation 6
    Board 6
    Route description 1
    On-site assistance 6
    Route-character 5
    Bicycle + equipment 6
    Price-performance ratio 6
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