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4,8 28.08.2019 | Elizabeth L. Prague - Dresden

Easy cycling on a beautiful route

Overall: the scenery on this route is lovely, gently changes from day to day, and the route is easy to navigate and mainly flat. A very good trip!
However, I have some points which might be useful to consider for future travellers.

? the hotels were better in Germany than in Czechia.
? In particular, the breakfast buffets in Hotel Apollon and (especially) Hotel Andy had very small breakfast buffets with limited fruit options (too much meat and dairy, little fruit).
? Hotels Andy and Erbgericht had no lift and in the latter we were on the top floor (I had a very heavy suitcase).
? Hotel Andy had a leak from the toilet in the bathroom and the shower was broken (mount for shower head missing and door did not close); the curtains were too thin to provide adequate darkness, which mean a poor night?s sleep. In general Hotel Andy was below the standard of hotel that I would expect.
? Wifi was rather slow in Hotel Apollon and did not work in Hotel Andy.

? for Hotel Andy, the map should show where the garage is, not the front entrance (otherwise one ends up cycling up a very steep hill up for no reason!).
? The cycle information suggested a diversion (Umweg) was in force just before Bad Schandau and we followed the diversion (up a very long and steep hill, which was not shown on the profile diagram!), but when we rejoined the path, it became clear that the path was open and the diversion was not necessary, which was quite annoying!

? The luggage arrived late one day (Hotel Andy) and I had to phone to find out where it was; the receptionist at the hotel claimed to know nothing about it and could not assist.
? In Pirna, the lock for the bike broke and we had to obtain tools from a local Fahrradstation to saw the lock off. We were then questioned by the police, who thought we were stealing the bike. It would have been very useful if we had some kind of receipt or certificate to show that hire bikes were ours for that week ? it was difficult to prove this and we had to give our passport details to the police for photographing.
  • Overall satisfaction 5
    Booking handling 6
    Travel documents 6
    Per-Tour information 5
    Accomodation 3
    Board 3
    Luggage transport 3
    Route description 5
    On-site assistance 4
    Route-character 6
    Bicycle + equipment 5
    Price-performance ratio 6
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