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4,8 19.09.2019 | William R. Salzburg and the 7 lakes

Good Tour, Instructions need work, bicycle hand off was mis-managed

. The tour is a great tour, very scenic. We enjoyed the whole tour and are glad we did it.
. The hotels were great, food was very good
. The ebike rented by my wife worked extremely well. We were told that Rad Reisen has the best bikes of all bike tours

. The handoff of the bikes was mis-managed. The bikes were not ordered in the pre-tour and we had no way of knowing that this did not happen until late on Sunday (when the bikes were to be handed off and we didn?t have them).
. The ability to get phone support to find out what was happening was terrible. We kept calling numbers and simply got voice messages in Austrian, which we could not understand. We believe they said something like they would be back on Monday.
. Fortunately the hotel (Wyndham, Salzburg) was able to help us and we finally found a number that provided weekend support. At the last minute (just before 19:00) we found a number and Koberl Ingrid answered. She was able to confirm that the reservation for the bikes was not made properly, and it took her about an hour to correct the reservation and order the bikes for us. Fortunately she was able to complete the reservation, but it was a big headache for us.
. Another problem with the tour is that the written instructions that go with the map book is extremely lacking. One example is the instructions to get to the hotel in Attergau. It was impossible to find the hotel from the instructions (we used our phone and google maps to find the hotel). We found other people on the same tour were able to ask local people for instructions because they spoke Austrian. That was not an option for us. Also, there were NO INSTRUCTIONS to get back to the cycle path from this hotel.
. The last day, there were no instructions has how to return to Salzburg. We couldn?t find a bike path and biked along a busy highway. We still don?t know if this was the intended route.
. These are just two examples of inadequate instructions, but we generally found many of the instructions inadequate.

In summary: We loved the tour and the bikes provided, but had to work around errors and poor instructions to complete the tour.
  • Overall satisfaction 5
    Booking handling 6
    Travel documents 2
    Per-Tour information 2
    Accomodation 6
    Board 6
    Luggage transport 6
    Route description 3
    On-site assistance 3
    Route-character 6
    Bicycle + equipment 6
    Price-performance ratio 6
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