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4,9 09.10.2019 | Doris V. Southern Holland by Bike + Boat SIR WINSTON

South Holland Cycle Tour in Sept. very nice, beautiful country

We have had several cycling tours in Europe for comparison. This tour was different in some ways, both favorable and not.
We were the only English speaking (first language) couple which was unusual. Although others understood English, the native languages used regularly were German and Swedish. The people were exceptionally nice and did make efforts to include us in some conversations and directions.
Holland?s system for cycle paths was very difficult at first but once we were outside of busy locations, it was excellent and the cycle paths were great. Organized, clean and beautiful paths throughout the tour.
Dinners were good, lunches rather boring, only 1 water given, which was not good for cyclists. Breakfast was poorly organized and this was brought to the attention of the crew, but never resolved. Most everyone arrived to breakfast together causing all to wait on a long line along side the center table- which didn?t allow easy access for sitting. The long wait was then made worse due to having the lunch items as part of the breakfast slowing down progress. No other tour had this issue. Lunch prep should be completely separate. Although coffee was available at the tables, no one (except us) took advantage of just sitting and approaching food items after the line was shorter. This only resulting in us being the very last to get the now limited breakfast items.
The crew was excellent, helpful, friendly and Petra the manager was exceptional. The room was very good, closets, safe, shelves, good bathroom and warm water plentiful. (needed after days of pouring rain cycling.)
Cycle paths were excellent with many places of interest and very easy flat roads throughout. We do recommend this tour and would suggest that the breakfast procedures be corrected and more water provided all all times.
  • Overall satisfaction 5
    Booking handling 5
    Travel documents 5
    Per-Tour information 5
    Accomodation 5
    Board 4
    Route description 5
    On-site assistance 5
    Route-character 4
    Bicycle + equipment 6
    Price-performance ratio 5
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