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4,6 06.07.2023 | Ian C. Moselle Cycle Path

Feed back including issues with Velociped rental bicycles

Overall, the trip was very enjoyable with logical routes along the Mosel River. The scenery was very pleasant and the towns visited interesting. The accommodation was good to great and the breakfasts had a lot of selection and were tasty.
We did have an issue with the E-bike the night before we started the ride. A screw was missing from an electronic control on the left handlebar, which was so loose the control was very difficult to use. After lengthy times on the phone to a Velociped rep we were able to transfer a screw from another E-bike. From then on the E-bike was great. This issue could have been avoided if the bike had been thoroughly inspected at the end of its previous use. Also, the tires on both bikes were too low so we had to find a petrol station for one bike and borrow a pump from the Best Western Hotel across the street from our hotel in Trier for the other bike. Both bikes had different valves and the one pump provided on the hybrid bike would not work on either valve stem. This is a serious matter that should be dealt with. Fortunately we did not have any flat tires. The hybrid bike?s handlebar was crooked and had to be straightened. The seat on the hybrid bike was too wide and uncomfortable. The bicycles were good otherwise and worked well once these issues were dealt with.
  • Overall satisfaction 5
    Booking handling 5
    Travel documents 5
    Information at the beginning of the tour 5
    Accomodation 5
    Board 5
    Luggage transport 5
    Route description 5
    On-site assistance 3
    Route-character 5
    Bicycle + equipment 4
    Price-performance ratio 3
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