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5,0 30.08.2023 | Russell C. Bruges Centre-Based Tour

Cycling From Bruges

Enjoyed Bruges and surrounds. The organized tours were good and provided plenty of opportunity to appreciate the local environment.
The bikes provided were on the heavy side and was hard work for my wife. We found the bikes provided were very heavy and particularly my wife found them hard even though the countrysidewa quite flat, with few hills, certainly on previous bike tours they have been better and more comfortable to use.
  • Overall satisfaction 5
    Booking handling 6
    Travel documents 5
    Per-Tour information 5
    Accomodation 6
    Board 6
    Luggage transport 5
    Route description 4
    On-site assistance 5
    Route-character 5
    Bicycle + equipment 3
    Price-performance ratio 5
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