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5,2 10.10.2023 | Bernie R. Danube Cycle Path Passau-Budapest

R. report Passau to Budapest cycle trip

1. Female bike did not have lights and we could not get them fixed even after three visits to bike shops on the way. Also we did not realise the bus timetable was restricted on a Sunday and nearly missed picking up the bike before 10 am. This could be noted in the travel literature.
2. Male bike need head stock/ handlebar bolt was ver y loose and needed tightening. Neither of these two item were discovered during pick up of the bikes.
3. The track on the way into Linz was very close to a main road and it was very uncomfortable. Another alternative route would be better.
4. Picking up the map information for the Vienna / Budapest section from Roomz in Vienna needed a phone call to your office. It was all fixed in 10 minutes. The staff at Roomz need better instruction and education on Rad Reisen travel customers.
5. The amount of travel on main roads during the sections after Vienna were difficult and we think a bit dangerous. It made us both uncomfortable. Many of the sections were terrific and easy, quiet and good to navigate.
6. The differences between the maps in the Vienna and Budapest sections were difficult to understand. The first section to Vienna was very easy. The second section to Budapest was more difficult and needed additional input from us to find the hotels in some instances. Perhaps the route instructions could be expanded to show the routes to the hotels on all days.
7. Otherwise,we had a great time and enjoyed the ride.
The baggage transfers, accommodation and meals were very good.
We will use Rad Reisen again for any cycling holidays.
Thanks to Mr Gugerell we were quite well prepared and wish to thank him for his work.


Bernie and Juliet Renwick
  • Overall satisfaction 5
    Booking handling 6
    Travel documents 4
    Per-Tour information 6
    Accomodation 6
    Board 5
    Luggage transport 6
    Route description 4
    On-site assistance 6
    Route-character 5
    Bicycle + equipment 3
    Price-performance ratio 6
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