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4,9 08.11.2023 | John M. Canal du Midi

Midi-Canal Tour Sept 28 to Oct 10

Over all we really enjoyed our trip. My wife?s and my bicycle worked well. We did have one flat on the trip and as we only had one extra tube, we were glad we did not get another flat. Perhaps each traveller should have an extra tube. We found our hotels very good for the most part. The first and last hotel were adequate and the breakfast in the hotel in Sete was very basic. We purchased a French SIM card when we arrived in France. We did not know that we would be unable to call Robert because he had a German phone number and our SIM card only let us call French numbers. Either we should have been told that we needed a SIM card that allowed us to call throughout Europe or Robert should have a French number when he is running his tours. This became really important on the first day of the tour when the bicycle of one of our group members became unrideable due to a broken peddle and we needed to contact Robert. I was able to get a message to him through one of the hotel receptionists and he was able to call us.
  • Overall satisfaction 5
    Booking handling 5
    Travel documents 5
    Information at the beginning of the tour 4
    Accomodation 5
    Board 4
    Luggage transport 6
    Route description 3
    On-site assistance 4
    Route-character 6
    Bicycle + equipment 6
    Price-performance ratio 6
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