Tip for Booking

Personal requirements/physical condition

All tours have been classified with various Difficulty Levels to help simplify your choice. It is the responsibility of each guest to ensure that he/she meets the physical condition requirements for the tour booked.

Which daily mileage can I manage?
On a bike tour on flat to slightly hilly terrain on average less then 8 miles per hour (15 km per hour) pace is cycled. This means that you will be on the bike for approx. 3 hours for a daily bike leg of approx. 40 to 50 km. This leaves plenty of time to enjoy the sights along the way, enjoy the landscape or take a break in one of the numerous restaurants/coffes shops and stop possibilities directly along the bike path.
There’s so much to see and to explore. Rather than trying to break a speed record or test your physical condition, you should aim to enjoy the nature and culture of your destination. Overall you will enjoy your cycle tour more if take your time along the way. Not only will you be more relaxed at the end of each day’s cycling, but you will have more memories – and photos – of your experiences.

The correct riding pace...
You know when you are cycling at the correct speed when you are able to talk to your travelling companion without losing your breath.
Make sure you change to a suitable gear to suit the terrain where you are cycling. You know you have chosen the correct gear when you can continue to pedal without straining. It is always better to select a lower gear instead of struggeling with a higher gear. And don’t forget you are always allowed to push your bike if the going gets too tough.

Travel types

Regular change of hotels, with the return trip to the tour’s starting point on most occasions included in the tour price or additionally bookable with a supplement. Most bicycle tourists enjoy travelling each day from point A to point B. The scenery changes and the experiences are new and gratifying.
  Bike & Boat:
Cycle only if you want, the hotel is following you! No daily packing, mostly full board, very personal/individual support.
Daily trip recommendations can on most occasions be individually planned. Relaxed bike tour vacation in selected hotels. You don’t have to pack each morning, if you don’t feel like riding you can rest or pursue another activity.

Levels of difficulty

  Level 1 - Easy/Social Bikers
Easy cycling in mostly flat areas, without uphill stretches, generally short daily bike tours that give you enough time to enjoy the wider region in addition to your bike tour.
  Level 1-2 - Casual Bikers
Mostly flat terrain, basic physical conditioning is necessary, relaxed pace that still gives you enough time for breaks and sightseeing. 
  Level 2 - Leisure Bikers
Slightly rolling, light hilly terrain, few uphill stretches, average physical condition required.
  Level 2-3 - Moderate Bikers
Generally rolling or hilly terrain with longer uphill stretches, good physical condition and bike tour experience necessary.
  Level 3 - Advanced Tour Bikers
Extended and frequent climbs and longer daily distances. For experienced bikers in above average physical condition. Sportive Tours.


All our touring rental bikes are provided with a minimum of one (sometimes two) panniers (saddlebags) to carry things such as a change of clothes  – according to weather changes or for visiting museums etc - food and beverages for a break along the way or photographic equipment etc. Our bikes are also equipped with an odometer, a pump and a repair kit in order to fix flat tyres and to do other basic repairs.

Electrically assisted bikes can be provided for those who love to cycle but who find it increasingly difficult to either master the terrain or the distance. E-bikes are not motorized, but have a battery which enables you to pedal with ease. It has been described as similar to having a constant tail wind at your back.

We are sorry but we (still) don’t offer MTB (Mountain Bike) tours or racing bike tours.


Individual Tour

On an individual tour you decide for yourself the pace you want to cycle, the sights you want to see along the way and when to take a break. In basic terms you are completely independent and flexible. Our detailed maps and route descriptions show you the way.


Guided Tour

Activity, culture, nature and fun with a group of fellow cycle enthusiasts. A professional RAD + REISEN Eurocycle tour guide escorts you by bike on your daily bike legs



Board & Lodging
Our aim is to offer comfortable hotels/inns in the booked category. Sometimes the choice of lodgings can be limited due to the route taken through smaller villages. These hotels, however, usually have a very special atmosphere that is typical of the respective country/region or location being cycled through and are priced accordingly. You will mostly be staying in the towns listed in the brochure, however due to seasonal conditions we sometimes have to side step to a neighbouring town/village.

Sometimes extra nights can only be booked with breakfast only - you will receive detailed information from our team!


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