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Corona COVID-19 - Information

Dear customers, and those who might want to become one ...

Over the winter we have diligently made all the preparations to prepare you for a great holiday in the coming cycling holiday season.

All cycle routes have been checked, the revised route books are freshly printed in our warehouses.
The entire technology of our very popular Danube ships MV CARISSIMA and MV THEODOR KÖRNER has been completely overhauled and all necessary repairs carried out, the new ship MS FORTUNA shines partly renovated in new splendor.
Our bike fleet has been meticulously maintained and expanded with hundreds of new bikes that offer even more comfort.
Our entire team, our booking center, our tour guides, drivers and mechanics were enthusiastically looking forward to the upcoming cycling season ...
Everything and everyone was ready ...

And then all of us hit COVID19 with full force ...

Our office has been closed, our employees work from home for security reasons and actually have a lot more to do than ever before.

We are flooded with emails and can understand your worries very well. Nevertheless, we would like to ask for your understanding and patience.
You can be assured that we will never endanger your health and will only undertake travel if this is possible again without hesitation.

Nobody can currently assess the current situation exactly and predict what will happen in the near future ...
Therefore, we have to monitor and wait for the ongoing development and can only make timely decisions about travel cancellations.
There are already generous rebooking options for many trips that have not yet been canceled - please contact us regarding this. We would be happy to inform you.
Corona will go by, the only question is when ...

We thank you all for your trust, wish you the best of health and look forward to seeing you again - maybe even this year!
Keep an eye on yourself!


Update March 17, 2020

Valued customers,

Mapping daily tours that may or may not have been canceled will go beyond the scope at some point, which is why we will primarily refrain from doing so in the future. In the event of a cancellation, you will be informed accordingly by our team anyway.

CANCELLATION PERIODS / AID FOR DECISION MAKING: You are of course free to withdraw from the contract at any time.
However, please note: if you cancel early (more than 1 week before arrival), the cancellation costs agreed upon in the contract will apply according to the terms and conditions. If the situation calms down, you can travel unhindered and you have not incurred any extra costs. If the situation does not calm down (upright travel warning, entry ban or similar), you can still cancel 1 week before arrival, but then free of charge, since the business basis has officially ceased to exist.

IMPORTANT: After your unilateral / possibly premature cancellation, the organizer is not obliged to reimburse already charged cancellation costs!

Kind regards from Vienna
Your cycling tour experts from RAD + REISEN Eurocycle

Update March 13, 2020

Valued customers,

The safety and health of our guests is always our top priority, which is why we made the following decision today:

The following arrival dates and/or trips are canceled:

  • Danube bike + ship Passau-Iron Gate (April 25 2020)
  • Danube bike + boat Passau-Budapest (April 26 2020)
  • Donau Rad + Schiff Passau-Vienna (April 30 2020)
  • All arrivals until April 30th, 2020:
  • Danube Cycle Path Passau-Budapest all hotel tours
  • Danube Cycle Path Passau-Vienna all hotel tours
  • Danube Cycle Path Vienna-Budapest all hotel tours

We offer all affected customers optionally

  • a free cancellation OR
  • free of charge rebooking to an alternative date of the same tour 2020.

Kind regards from Vienna
Your cycling tour experts from RAD + REISEN Eurocycle

Update: March 11 2020

Valued customers,

All our trips in Italy with arrival until April 17th, 2020 will not take place.

Trips that have already been booked can of course be rebooked or canceled free of charge at a later date or an alternative destination.

There are currently no uniform conditions for trips to Italy that arrive after April 17th, 2020; please contact your personal advisor here for further information.

  • If there is an official travel warning for the region of your bike tour, we will contact you. In this case, you can change or cancel the trip free of charge to a later date in 2020 or to another destination.
  • If you are unable to reach your booked travel destination due to restrictions on entry or exit (e.g. because you live in Italy and are not allowed to leave the country without an important reason), you can also change your trip free of charge to a later date in 2020 or cancel free of charge. Please contact us in advance in order to avoid avoidable costs.
  • If there is no official travel warning for the region of your bike trip, our regular cancellation and rebooking guidelines apply. If necessary, please contact us in advance so that we can find a solution together with you and avoid unnecessary costs.
  • Since no one can predict the further development and changes may occur at short notice, we ask you to wait if your travel date is more than four weeks in the future.

Kind regards from Vienna
Your cycling tour experts from RAD + REISEN Eurocycle

Update: March 03 2020

Valued customers,

in the following, we would like to inform you of the measures we are taking in the event that the Corona Virus draws further circles.

As long as the booked destination can be traveled without major restrictions and an arrival from your home country is possible, we plan our trips as advertised.

We will take adequate measures in the following cases:

  • In your home country, the government is generally advised not to leave it
  • Cancellation of flights by the airline - no reasonable alternative possible
  • Local measures strongly influence the course of the trip, e.g. Closing museums, closing cities, etc.
  • General travel warning for the host country
  • Entry ban for citizens of your home country in the host country
  • Depending on whether it concerns individual travelers (travel difficulties) or the trip itself and its course, we reserve the right not to undertake individual trips and / or to offer you an alternative trip or an alternative travel date.

In general the following applies: A free cancellation or a free rebooking to another date / another trip can only be offered

  • if the trip is through a country / region for which there is an express travel warning
  • AND the timeliness is also given (a currently valid rice warning for northern Italy would have no effect for a trip starting beginning of April or later)

Of course, you as a customer and your well-being come first, you always enjoy top priority with us. We are therefore carefully monitoring the situation and will contact you if the itinerary is impaired or if there are corresponding travel warnings. In return, please keep us up to date if there are any problems with your arrival.

We sincerely hope that the situation will normalize again in the coming weeks.

Kind regards from Vienna
Your cycling tour experts from RAD + REISEN Eurocycle


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