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    The deathless antiquity

    • From the small village Vytina, you will start a wonderful bike route through the striking mountain scenery to Tripoli, the capital of the Peloponnese. Afterwards, you will dash through the Tanos Valley in the Parnonas Mountains down to the turquoise coast and enjoy wonderful 5 days here. Marvel at the ancient theater of Argos, about the Lion Gate at Mycenae and about Epidaurus, the most famous place of worship of ancient world. Look forward to the small fishing village of Paralia Astros, and the picturesque old town of Nafplion, where you spend 4 nights and start to round trips. Nafplion with it’s beautiful promenade and the many taverns and restaurants in the old town is for many locals as well as visitors one of the most attractive city in the country.

      Tour profile / Level 2

      You cycle to 99% on paved roads and only a few km on gravel roads. The fertile plateau of Tripoli and the flat region between Nafplion and Agros are crossed by small and very small asphalt roads and also on the few passages on wider roads is almost no disturbing traffic. Overall, the region is sparsely populated and is therefore ideally suited for low traffic pleasure-cycling. At each stage there are some short and some long slopes to master, but overall the descents dominate. That is because you are starting in Tripoli at 600 m altitude and roll down to the sea and also the transfer to Epidauros takes you at 300 m altitude and again you roll down to the sea. With a basic physical condition this "moderate" tour is easy to accomplish and enjoy.

      Day 1: Vytina

      Individual arrival and overnight in Vytina.

      Day 2: Vytina - Tripolis, approx. 37 km

      Look forward to a wonderful cycling circuit through the mountainous world of Peloponnese. From Vytina over narrow streets  through a rugged mountain world, green forests and small dreamy places to the lively town Tripoli, the capital of the region. A total of 571 Height difference.

      Day 3: Cave Tour Kapsia, approx. 47 km

      Marvel at the wealth of the earth, because you will cycle through vast apple orchards, small fruit meadows and scattered vineyards. Entirely surprising you are suddenly in one of the most important caves in Greece, which is open to the public only since Dec 2012. Marvel at magnificent stalactite creations and enjoy the coolness of the earth before you will get to know a selection of red-, rose and white wines at a winery in Kapsia. Other highlights of your round trip are the excavations of the ancient city of Mantinea and the church which was built only in 1972 with its absolutely unconventional, surreal looking architectural style, with classical, Byzantine and Minoan elements and a confusing number of columns, glass windows, domes and corners. Enjoy your evening in one of the many taverns in the historical center of Tripoli. Overnight in Tripoli.

      Day 4: Tripolis - Paralio Astros, approx. 57 km

      Past the ruins of the Temple of Athena Alea in Tegea today you cycle through wide olive groves and through the Parnonas mountains down to the old picturesque fishing village Paralio Astros with it’s  kilometer long pebbly beach and tranquil Restaurants right on the water. Shortly before your destination you should definitely visit the small monastery Loukós and a  visit the current excavations of the ancient city Eva planning. A total of 460 heights, 1070 heights difference.

      Day 5: Paralio Astros - Nafplion, approx. 45 km

      A beautiful bike course on the coast road expects you today. Again and again you will be fascinated by magnificent views of the turquoise sea, small fishing boats and the wide bay of the Argolic Gulf. You cycle on with light ups and downs till you reach the sea resort Mili and here you can enjoy a nice lunch on the beach and take a swim. Just in the entrance of Mili, you will pass over the lake of ancient Lerna where Hercules killed the Lernean Hydra, the mythical beast that possessed many heads. You can also visit the archaeological site of Ancient Lerna that contains pre-historical and Bronze Age remain. Then you cycle further through the fertile plains to Argos, one of the oldest cities in Europe. Impressive here is not only the formidable fortress high up on the mountain Lárissa, but especially the archaeological site at the foot of the mountain. Marvel at the remains of the ancient amphitheater built into the mountain, one of the biggest in Greece, before cycling the last flat kilometers to Nafplion. Look forward to this dream destination with it’s narrow old streets, the beautiful harbor promenade and the marbled main square surrounded by many cafes. Not for nothing Nafplion is now considered the most attractive city in Greece in a picturesque location.

      Day 6: Roundtrip Mycenae, approx. 51 km

      Today, after a few kilometers it is worth a first stop at the huge castle remains at Tiryns, which was considered as one of the most important centers in the Eastern Mediterranean in the Bronze Age. Then you cycle through the lovely countryside, surrounded by orange and lemon groves, till you reach Mycenae, a fortress with old walls which was built 3.360 years ago. Mycenae is one of the most important cities of antiquity, it was a long time the center of Greek civilization. The increase at the edge of the mountainside is quickly forgotten as you marvel at impressive excavations and important findings. The world-famous Lion Gate and the shaft graves are among the major cultural and historical attractions of Greece. Overnight in Nafplion.

      Day 7: Excursion Epidaurus, approx. 42 km

      The last bike tour of your journey begins with a transfer to Epidaurus, which counts to the historical highlights of every trip to Greece. You will quickly understand why. You will be impressed by the huge and well-preserved, over 2.300 year old amphitheater, which could hold up to 14,000 viewers in it’s time! Epidaurus was first of all a Medical and Healing Centre and was dedicated to Asclepius, the god of healing. A visit to the theater was an important part of the healing process. Discover in Epidaurus, and as well remains of the ancient city with temples, porticoes, houses, shops and spas. After an extensive tour you jump on your bikes. Mostly downhill you hurtle through mountainous karst landscape and through the wide pistachio grow-ing region to the coast. Enjoy again a dip in the crystal clear sea water and look forward to another night in Nafplion. Overnight in Nafplion.

      Day 8: Nafplion

      Individual departure or extension.

      Airport: Athen (ATH) or Kalamata (KLX)

      From the airport is a transfer option available (takes about 2 hours from Athens, 1 hour from Kalamata). And public overland buses run about every hour from the airport to Tripoli and from Nafplion to the airport. (journey time approx 3 hours)


      Parking: hotel parking in limited number, advance reservation possible, price approx. from € 5,-/day

      Via Italy by ferry to Patras, from here on the highway to the south. Alternatively, via Croatia and Slovenia overland to Greece.


      Due to the current economic situation the Greek railways unfortunately came to a complete standstill.


      See details via "dates + prices".

      Book here your discounted train ticket... Book your flights online... Book here your bus ticket... Book your hotel online...
    • Included services:

      •     accommodation incl. breakfast in room with  shower/bath/WC
      •     luggage transport
      •     transfer Nafplion - Epidauros
      •     GPS-device with all tracks for the trip (caution 50 Euro, GPS will be handed out locally)
      •     map of bike trails with marked route
      •     detailed route description
      •     tips for tour preparation
      •     touristic information
      •     7 days hotline service
      •     maps and informationmaterial/room


    • Choose Categories

      S1 21.03. - 02.05.20 every SAT
      S2 09.05. - 20.06.20 every SAT
      S1 22.08. - 29.08.20 every SAT
      S2 05.09. - 24.10.20 every SAT


      none, not suitable for children -
      Bicycles & equipment  
      27-speed 90
      E-bike 240
      Additional night
      Vytina + Nafplion (dbl/sgl) upon request
      Airport Athen - Vytina 110
      Nafplion - Airport Athen 90

      *Transfer min. 2 person, travel time approx. 3 hours

      Best - Price - Guarantee

      If you would verifiably receive better conditions and/or prices from another tour operator at the time of booking we guarantee at least the same conditions PLUS 1 handlebar bag for FREE!
      All prices per person in EUR
    • You stay in small family run hotels, all of which were either completely reopened in the last 2 years or modernized at this time. In the selected hotels the personal charm blends with modern comfort. According to German criteria these hotels would receive 3 - 4 Stars and with this fulfill the expectations of most cyclists.

      You stay in small family run hotels, all of which were either completely reopened in the last 2 years or modernized at this time. In the selected hotels the personal charm blends with mod-ern comfort. According to German criteria these hotels would receive 3 - 4 Stars and with this fulfill the expectations of most cyclists.

      Aegli hotel -   http://www.hotel-aegli.gr
      Located in the centre of the town.

      Palatino Hotel - http://www.palatino-tripolis.gr

      Paralio Astros:
      Ariadne Hotel -  http://www.ariadne-hotel.gr

      Hotel Grand Sarai – http://www.grandsarainafplio.com


      Please be informed that the selection of hotels can differ depending on availabilities and date of booking. Detailed information will be given within your travel documents prior departure.





    •  Our 7- or 27-speed-bikes

      The robust modern aluminium frame with moulded lower tube guarantees quiet running even in case of high "payload". Same applies to the steel forks. All frames are coated with a long-living and non-polluting powder lacquer showing the typical Velociped green. There are, of course, different types of frame available depending on the size of ladies and gentlemen, as the bike must fit the "rider".

      And: all ladies’ bikes have a low opening that makes mounting and dismounting much easier.

      All 7-speed tourers have wide and comfortable gel saddles with a cushioning that offers maximum comfort even in an upright position. The seat post has a quick release skewers in order to adjust the saddle size without tools.

      E-Bikes | Pedelecs

      We use high-quality, sturdy and technically mature FLYER e-bikes produced by the Swiss manufacturers Biketec.

      The drive of e-bikes can be switched on and off, respectively at the touch of a button – at any time. Thus, you can make use of the motor for ascents or headwind only, or as permanent support enabling you to cover even larger and harder day trips without physical exertion. You’ll always reach your destination rested and relaxed.

      The Shimano 8-speed hub is equally graded, and the grip shifter ensures easy and smooth handling, also under load. You can therefore always select the optimal speed while at the same time using a smooth motor support.

      Power is supplied to the motor by a 36 volt/12 ampere battery according to latest lithium-ion-polymer technology standards. The battery provides support for driving distances of up to approx. 100 km per charge. Recharging takes about 5 hours for completely discharged batteries. It is not necessary to wait until the battery is discharged, recharging is possible at any time.

      ATTENTION: Please reserve E-bikes early as they are always depending on availability.

      A note to our customers: Electric bikes are a great thing! However, due to their characteristics (high weight + high speed) they should only be booked by very experienced and safe cyclists with a good sense of balance. E-bikes are not appropriate for persons who do not ride bikes frequently.

      Our bikes are equipped with a map holder at the handlebar, a waterproof pannier on the side of the bicylcle rack and a repair kit with a backup inner tube and an emergency kit.

      Bringing own bikes
      Sure you are invited to bring you own bike which is already fitted best for your needs.
      Do not forget to bring a repair kit with all necessary tools such as: keys, reserve tube and lock. Please check your own bicycle for operability upon arrival.
      Please note that we are not liable in case of damage, lost and theft.
      In case it breaks down, we will of course see to help you

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