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4,0 19.06.2024 | Des F. Rhine Cycle Path | Winery tour

An enjoyable week.

The tour was completely successful and very enjoyable. We will repeat or very similar with you. Hotel staff very good and helpful.
A few points which in our opinion could improve further. As you rely on the hotels to present at the start it felt a little bit "seat of the pants" for the first 24 hours.
The daily luggage collection was a great rush for 9am. 30 mins later would have been much better. Not everyone wants to get up at 7.40 to avoid rushing to get the luggage to reception for that time whilst on HOLIDAY.
As an experienced cyclist, I was OK with all the routes, but on a couple of days the route was too rough under wheel for my wife - a sports person but not an experienced cyclist and all the rest of your clients on our week.
There was not enough clear info on the where?s and what time for the wine tastings. One hotel was 2 kms from the nearest restaurant which at night is too far. The restaurant in the hotel was closed two or three nights weekly and some did not have restaurants. Information saying when restaurants are closed and distances to other eating places for the evening would be very useful.
The bikes were efficient but very heavy.
The app was a bit clunky unless you rode very slowly.
  • Overall satisfaction 5
    Booking handling 4
    Travel documents 3
    Per-Tour information 3
    Accomodation 6
    Board 6
    Luggage transport 5
    Route description 3
    On-site assistance 1
    Route-character 5
    Bicycle + equipment 3
    Price-performance ratio 4
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