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Romantic Road

From Würzburg via Rothenburg until Schwangau/Füssen


Tour profile:

Würzburg to Rothenburg ob der Tauber
For the most part, the route runs on small, quiet, paved roads, sometimes on paved bike paths or on sandy roads. Between Würzburg and the Tauber Valley, you have to reckon with gradients. The Tauber Valley itself is again flat, with slight inclines.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber to Donauwörth / Rain
The well signed bike trails along the Romantic Road lead you through exciting scenery like the Wörnitz valley or the Nördlinger Ries.

Donauwörth/Rain to Schwangau/Füssen
You partly cycle on mounted bike paths through Lechfeld without any significant traffic disturbance. From Landsberg onwards the path is mostly asphaltic. Through the moraine landscape you come closer to the Alps. At the foot of the kings’ castles you can make an excursion to the Forggen lake at the end of the tour.

Würzburg - Rothenburg (5 days / 4 nights)

Day 1: Würzburg
Individual arrival to the old Franconian city Würzburg. The town is famous for its many spectacular old buildings. Renowned artists like Balthasar Neumann, Tilman Riemenschneider and Tiepolo lived and worked here. Enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the town, beautifully situated among vineyards on the banks of the Main, and get to know the Franconian Joie de Vivre in one of the romantic wine bars.

Day 2: Würzburg - Wertheim, approx. 43 km
You leave Würzburg on forested trails along the valley of the Steinbach river and bike through small villages beside the Aalbach. The medieval fortified church in Dertingen has a beautiful altar which is worth a visit. You reach the Main river in Bettingen. From here it is only a short way to Wertheim. The small city is located between the hills of Spessart and Odenwald forests, where the Tauber joins the Main. A charming ruined castle built out of red sandstone sits majestically above the small, narrow alley of the historical town centre. Enjoy the romantic atmosphere of this medieval town during a relaxed evening.

Day 3: Wertheim - Bad Mergentheim, approx. 49 km
Today you leave the Main and continue into the Tauber Valley. This region combines beautiful countryside with art-historical relicts from over 1000 years of history. Balthasar Neumann is one of the area’s many artists and is known as the “Master Bridge Builder of the Tauber Valley”. The river follows a winding path before arriving in Tauberbischofsheim. The “Kurmainzische Schloss”, a pretty castle with thick walls and impressive towers, is a silent witness to the interesting history of the town. Numerous monuments and old buildings show architectural influences from several different ages. From here you take the Romantic Road to Bad Mergentheim, where you spend the night.

Day 4: Bad Mergentheim - Rothenburg ob der Tauber, approx. 53 km
You spend the morning in Bad Mergentheim, a lively and friendly spa town. The renaissance market square is surrounded by grand old town houses. Shortly after Bad Mergentheim you pass the Weikersheim Palace with its lovely baroque park. Then you continue to Creglingen, where you can see the famous altar to Mary by Tilman Riemenschneider. Finally you cycle onwards through the charming Tauber Valley to Rothenburg. Just before midnight the Rothenburg night watchman offers guided tours of the city (incl.). He has many exciting stories to tell about life in the Middle Ages!

Day 5: Rothenburg ob der Tauber
Individual departure from Rothenburg or extension.

Rothenburg - Donauwörth / Rain (5 days / 4 nights)

Day 1: Rothenburg ob der Tauber
Individual arrivel to charming Rothenburg ob der Tauber. The town is an excellent example of German romance and boasts a historical town centre with many beautiful medieval buildings that are surrounded by 2 impressive city walls. The famous carved altar by Tielman Riemenschneider in the Church of St. Jakob is a must-see. Enjoy the flair of the city during an evening stroll through the prettily little alleys. Just before midnight the Rothenburg night watchman offers guided tours of the city (incl.). He has many exciting stories to tell about life in the Middle Ages!

Day 2: Rothenburg ob der Tauber - Dinkelsbühl, approx. 60 km
The first destination of your bike tour is visible from afar: The old, baroque castle in Schillingfürst rises high above the town. A short climb takes you up to Schillingfürst, then you continue to Feuchtwangen. Finally you reach the former free imperial city of Dinkelsbühl in the idyllic Wörnitz Valley. The town square is surrounded by beautiful, colourful old town houses. Enjoy Frankish cuisine in one of the traditional restaurants.

Day 3: Dinkelsbühl - Nördlingen, approx. 37 km
Today you cycle to the Nördlinger Ries, an area of great geological interest. 15 million years ago a meteorite with a cross section of 1500 meters hit the earth at a speed of 72 000 km/h in this spot and left an 20-25 km large crater between the Swabian and Frankonian Alps. Your destination today is the former free imperial city of Nördlingen. Don’t miss Germany’s only entirely preserved city wall! It is even possible to walk around on it. The 90 meters high bell tower of St. George’s Church is known as "Daniel" and offers an amazing view to the Ries (the meteorite crater). Another point of interest is the old tanners’ quarter and of course the Ries Crater Museum for the geologically enthusiastics.

Day 4: Nördlingen - Donauwörth / Rain, approx. 39 / 63 km
You leave the countryside of the Ries and bike through the beautiful Wörnitz Valley. Soon you pass Harburg with its lovely castle, situated high above the valley. Visit the charming old town centre between the river and the castle. You continue to Donauwörth, where the Wörnitz meets the Danube. The Reichsstreet is the main attraction of the city: This lovely street is bordered by numerous amazing old town houses, like the Tanzhaus and Café Engel. Also visit the Käthe Kruse Doll Museum!

Day 5: Donauwörth / Rain
Individual departure from Donauwörth / Rain or extension.

Donauwörth / Rain - Schwangau/Füssem (6 days / 5 nights)

1. Day: Donauwörth/Rain
Individual arrival to Donauwörth with its charming Reichsstreet or its medieval Rain.

2. Day: Donauwörth/Rain - Augsburg, approx. 79/55 km
You leave Donauwörth/Rain and cycle to the market in Biberbach. Worth seeing is the pilgrimage church with its rococo style. The last part of today’s distance brings you to the memorial stone "Via Claudia Augusta" at Langweid in the independent university town Augsburg. The puppet theater museum, where the marionette theatre in the "Augsburger Puppenkiste" is located, is worth visiting. Go for a stroll and discover the charming corners and the many cultural highlights, as the Schaezlerpalais with its exceptional art collection (included).

3. Day: Augsburg - Landsberg am Lech, approx. 52 km
Today you firstly cycle to Königsbrunn, one of the youngest settlements in Bavaria. The archeological museum Königsbrunn presents regional findings of the pre- and early history till the modern time. In the centre of the city you can admire "Mercateum", the biggest walkin globe of the world. In Landsberg am Lech you will notice the well preserved townscape with its colourful row of houses.

4. Day: Landsberg am Lech - Schongau, approx. 35 km
Leaving Landsberg am Lech you will encounter Pfaffenwinkel and the flat country Lechfeld passes slowly to the hilly foothills of the Alps. We recommend you to cycle west of the Lech through the places Asch, Leeder and Denklingen. From a great distance you can see the 34 metres high tower of the katholic village church Denklingen from the 18 century. You will spend the night in Schongau. The beautiful old town disposes of an almost entirely preserved city wall.

5. Day: Schongau – Schwangau/Füssen, approx. 50 km
You will cross the Lech and cycle to Peiting. Now you can choose between two variants. We recommend the route through Rottenbuch and Wildsteig, because the other route goes through small roads and hilly terrain. Through Wies with its magnificent pilgrimage church you will arrive in Schwangau. It is worth to make a detour over the castles Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau. The last destination of the bike tour along the Romantic Road is the city Füssen. Up on a hill of the old town dominates the gotic "Hohe Schloss" once the summer residence of the prince bishops of Augsburg. The big castle is one of the best preserved medieval castles in Bavaria.

6. Day: Schwangau/Füssen
Individual Departure or extension.


Included services

  • 5 days / 4 nights or 6 days/ 5 nights (Part 3) in rooms with private facilities

  • Breakfast or 4x half board for surcharge; (in Augsburg only breakfast)

  • Luggage transfer 

  • Guided walk with the nightwatchman in Rothenburg ( Part 1 + 2)

  • Entrance Schaezlerpalais Augsburg ( Part 3)

  • GPS-tracks on request 

  • Maps/roadbook (available only in German language) and information material per room

Dates & Prices



    Season / Period


    reduction extra bed in double room with 2 full paying adults
    children 0-4,99 years* -100%
    children 5-13,99 years* -25%
    14-99 years** -10%
    * in 3-/4-bed room with min. 1/2 full payers  
    ** for the 3rd and 4th person in 3-/4-bed room with 2 full payers  
    bicycles & equipment Part 1+2
    24-speed unisex trekking bike 89
    E-bike 189
     bicycles & equipment Part 3  
    24-speed unisex trekking bike 89
    E-bike 109
    additional nights Würzburg
    Cat. A (dbl/sgl) 89/119
    Cat. B (dbl/sgl) 79/109
    additional nights Rothenburg  
    Cat. A (dbl/sgl) 74/104
    Cat. B (dbl/sgl) 65/94
    additional nights Donauwörth  
    Cat. A (dbl/sgl) 89/126
    Cat. B (dbl/sgl) 79/109
    additional nights Schwangau/Füssen  
    Cat. A (dbl/sgl) 104/119
    Cat. B (dbl/sgl) 76/99
    Transfer (incl. own bike) part 1  
    daily possible, at approx. 10:30am, min. 2 people 99
    transfer own bike 40
    Transfer (incl. own bike) part 2  
    Saturdays, at approx. 11:00am, min. 4 people 109
    transfer own bike 20
    Transfer (incl. own bike) part 3  
    daily possible, at approx. 09:00am, min. 4 people 89
    transfer own bike 20


    Best - Price - Guarantee

    If you would verifiably receive better conditions and/or prices from another tour operator at the time of booking we guarantee at least the same conditions PLUS 1 handlebar bag for FREE!
    All prices per person in EUR


    Hotel samples

    Category A
    carefully selected hotels of national 3* category

    Würzburg: GHotel hotel & living
    Wertheim: Bronnbacher Hof
    Bad Mergentheim: Bundschu
    Rothenburg: Goldenes Fass
    Dinkelsbühl: Flair Hotel Ganri Weißes Ross
    Nördlingen: Arthotel ANA Flair
    Donauwörth / Rain: Hotel im Ried
    Augsburg: Dom Hotel
    Landsberg am Leck: Stadthotel Garni Augsburger Hof
    Schongau: Hotel Holl
    Füssen/Schwangau: Hotel Sonne

    Category B
    good inns and hotels

    Würzburg: Residence
    Wertheim: Tauberhotel
    Bad Mergentheim: Flair Hotel Weinstube Lochner
    Rothenburg: Hotel Rappen
    Dinkelsbühl: Goldenes Lamm
    Nördlingen: Hotel Cafe Altreuter
    Donauwörth / Rain: Hotel Donau
    Augsburg: Bayerischer Wirt
    Landsberg am Leck: Hotel Goggl
    Schongau: Hotel Rössle
    Füssen/Schwangau: Hotel Waldmann

    Note: Please be informed that these are hotel samples and therefore subject to alteration! Find Your final hotel bookings at Your hotel list after/at booking.


    Bicycles inclusive panniers

    The following bikes are available:

    • Touring bikes unisex 28'' with different frame heights
    • E-Bikes

    Producer: Victoria; Shift: Marke Shimano; Weight: 16 kg, Max. weight: 130 kg, Saddle: Selle Royal

    Electrical bikes | E-Bikes | Pedelecs

    We provide our clients with our highly modern E-bikes from Victoria. A highlight is the stepless NuVinci-Gearshift.

    With an electric bike every bike tour is a breeze! If you had few opportunities to cycle over the last weeks or if you are not sure concerning your fitness, but also with physical disabilities, every bike ride is a treat! So you can now book a bike tour together with cyclists who have different fitness levels. Acclivity can be handled easily.


    Arrival - Parking - Departure

    Arrival by plane

    Airport: Nürnberg (NUE), Frankfurt (FRA), Munich (MUC).

    Flights can be booked individually. For details see your final travel documents.

    Arrival by car

    Parking: mostly parking space available at the arrival hotels (free of charge), more information with booking.

    Arrival by train

    Train station: Würzburg, Rothenburg, Augsburg, Donauwörth/Rain. Timetables and prices >>here.



    Travel stories

    5,2 of 6 Stars | 4
    The trip was excellent and very enjoyable....G.S. 09/23
    5.2 28.09.2023 | Grahame S. Romantic Road

    Romantic road on e-bikes

    The trip was excellent and very enjoyable. Two minor points worth mentioning are: We had some difficulty interpreting the trip notes in towns to find our hotels; and given we are older riders we did look for lifts in hotels to help with luggage. The bikes ...
    • Overall satisfaction 6
    • Booking handling 6
    • Travel documents 4
    • Information at the beginning of the tour 5
    • Accomodation 5
    • Board 6
    • Luggage transport 6
    • Route description 4
    • On-site assistance 5
    • Route-character 4
    • Bicycle + equipment 6
    • Price-performance ratio 6
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