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Cycle tours in Irleland

It is said that green is a colour that promises relaxation. With its 98 shades of green, Ireland must be THE island to relax. Not only will the magnificent scenery take your breath away but the varied landscapes are also perfectly suited for cycling.

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    Treasures of Ireland

    Country of tradition

    • 8 Days/ 7 Nights
    • Roundtrip
    • Level: 2

Mother nature was especially kind to Ireland: Sheer cliffs, rolling hills, moores and karst areas are only some of the scenic highlights that can be enjoyed.
Experience not only the beautiful scenery but also the rich culture and history of the island. Elegantly restored castles and stately homes, early Christian monasteries, remnants from the bronze age as well as Celtic and Viking eras – all can be viewed and enjoyed. And what would Ireland be without the Irish? A more hospitable and welcoming people would be hard to find!

As your feet start tapping to the rhythm of the fiddler playing in the cosy local pub along the way, you know it won´t be your last visit to this incredible country!


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