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    Slovenian spa region home based tour

    Bike & Spa

    • Enjoy your active time-off. We guarantee unforgettable days full of different adventures that will make you feel vital and relaxed for a long time afterwards.

      There are 15 magnificent trails in the vicinity of Šmarješke Toplice Spa, nestled in the embrace of the green forests, gently rolling hills, emerald green Krka River and unspoilt oases, suitable for cyclists as well as hikers.



      Tour profile / Level 2

      Hilly terrain. There are short distances also on broken rock routes. For bikers in average shape.

      Day 1: Smarjeske Toplice (Cat. A+B) or Dolenjske Toplice (Cat. A+)

      Arrival to the hotel and getting settled in the rooms.

      Routproposals/Daily programs Region Smarjeske Toplice

      Following porposals are recommendations for your tour. All of them can be choosen individual. Plan your holiday as you want to..

      Route 1: Dolenjske Toplice, approx. 56 km
      After breakfast, an all-day tour towards Dolenjske Toplice. This trail leads you to Dolenjske Toplice Spa so we recommend you take a swimsuit. You pass Trška Gora hill and reach Novo mesto. In Novo mesto, you can stop and take some time to explore the old town core and visit the Capital Church of St. Nicholas with their famous altarpiece by Tintoretto. Continue your tour along the Krka River to Dolenjske Toplice. You can rest for a while and enjoy getting pampered at the Balnea Wellness Centre or treat yourself to lunch. In the afternoon, a bit more diverse stage follows offering mixed challenges. Pass Dobindol village and go along the Sušica stream valley to Uršna sela village. Then continue along the picturesque road to Petelinjek village. Just before heading back to Šmarješke Toplice Spa stop for a while and admire Otočec Castle.

      Route 2: Cvicek Winetrail, approx. 20 km
      After breakfast head for the "Cviček trail" hiking tour, a picturesque trail with amazing views of the vineyards. Trška Gora is a hill covered with vineyards, right above Novo mesto. It’s the homeland of Cviček – a typical light rosé wine that doctors used to prescribe to treat some illnesses.

      Route 3: The 7 hills of Novo Mesto, approx. 21 km
      Feel the beat of Novo mesto by visiting the old town core. Head to Ragov Log, which is a grove, an exceptional oasis of peace and quiet, and a popular walking path. You can observe two cascades on the Krka River from there. Cross the bridge that connects Ragov Log to the town centre. Continue towards the Capital Church of St. Nicholas and downwards past the Dolenjska Museum.

      Route 4: Dolenjska Region, approx. 49 km
      "The Venice of the Dolenjska region " tour. Kostanjevica na Krki is a small, yet the oldest town in the region of Dolenjska. It is situated on an artificial islet. There is a possibility of having a bite on the way – the Kostanjeviški hram inn. It doesn’t take long to get from Šmarje to Pleterje Carthusian Monastery. The monastery is the only Carthusian monastery in Slovenia nowadays. You can watch a documentary on the life of the monks and visit the open-air museum (10 EUR surcharge for the documentary and the open-air museum).

      Routproposals/Daily programs Region Dolenjske Toplice

      Following porposals are recommendations for your tour. All of them can be choosen individual. Plan your holiday as you want to..

      Route 1: Šmarješke Toplice, approx. 56 km

      For the first ride on the bike, it is recommended to take bathing suits. In the morning from Dolenjske Toplice to Dobindob, from Dobindob follow the valley of the Sušica river to the settlement of Uršna sela, Birčna vas, Stranska vas, Črmošnjice pri Stopičah, Hrib pri Orehku, Veliki Slatnik, then continue along the picturesque Panoramic road to Petelinjek. Before arriving at Šmarješke Toplice you can make a stop at Otočec Castle. How about relaxing in the Vitarium wellness center or / and having lunch at the local restaurant? In the afternoon you drive past Trška Gora to Novo mesto. Here you can visit the old town and the chapel with the famous Tintoretto image. Then follow the river Krka all the way to Dolenjske Toplice.

      Route 2: Cvicek Winepath, approx. 55 km

      Picturesque path with beautiful views, laced path through the vineyards. From Dolenjske Toplice to Novo mesto and past to Trška gora. Trška Gora is a vine-covered hill above Novo Mesto, home of the Cvicek, a typical light red wine that the doctors used to prescribe. From the Otočec hotels, take the unpaved road past the Roma settlement, then through the village of Dobova, over the highway overpass to the village of Herinja vas and uphill to the village of Paha. A walk through the village and past vineyards is beautiful, as you have a beautiful view of the valley of the Krka, the Gorjanci hill country and the Stari Grad. The beautiful castle building from the 13th century can only be viewed from a distance as it is not yet open to visitors. In the village of Paha you will find a typical Lower Carniola farmhouse, Matjaževa domačija ’, where you can visit a 200-year-old barn (previously registered at: 00386 41 880813) and enjoy a multimedia presentation of the history of the grapevine and the production of the Cviček. Continue uphill on this road to the church of Sv. Jurij (St. George) in the village of Gornje Grčevje and on to the summit (Nova Gora, 605 meters above sea level). At the junction for Jagodnik, turn left through the forest and head towards the ruins of Hmeljnik Castle. From the castle, go back along the right forest road to the asphalt road. Here you turn left and cross the village of Dolenje Kamence, where a beautiful view opens. Be sure to turn left after about 300 m at the crossroads on the ridge of Trška Gora (no marking). At the end of the mountain ridge, continue towards the peak to St. Mary’s Church (at the shrine to the left). The exit from Trška Gora ends in the motorway underpass in front of Novo mesto.

      Route 3: On the 7 hills of Novo Mesto, approx. 47 km

      Feel the pulse of Novo Mesto with their beautiful old town. Ragov Log is a wood, a unique oasis of peace and a popular promenade. From there you can see two waterfalls of the river Krka. In the old town of Novo Mesto, go uphill to the Chapter Church and then down again past the Museum of the Dolenjska Region. Immediately after the Kandija bridge and a teahouse, turn left down to the river Krka. The old town of Novo Mesto is located in a picturesque Maander of the river Krka. In 1365 Archduke Rudolph IV of Habsburg granted city rights to this city with their rich history. The picturesque St. Nicholas Church from the beginning of the 14th century stands in the middle of the old town. One of the richest foundations, Novo mesto secures a place between the European Hallstatt metropolises, because of the found situles of bronze, provided with artistic decoration, Novo mesto got the name City of the Situlen. From the top you go down to Dolenjske Toplice.

      Route 4: Through the Krka Valley, approx. 35 km

      Občice in the direction of Semič, in the cultural center of the Gottschee-Altsiedler you can visit in the museum an exhibition of historical facts about the former inhabitants of Kočevsko (Gottschee), who lived here for more than 600 years. Then back the direction to Soteska. The castle Soteska was in the opinion of Valvasor (well-known Slovenian historian from the 17th century) one of the most beautiful in the Duchy of Carniola. It became famous because of their richly painted rooms. In 1793, the castle passed to the rulers of Auersperg from Žužemberk Castle, who kept it until the end of the Second World War. In autumn 1943 the castle was burnt down. Together with the castle, a garden was created, with a garden pavilion, known as Hudičev turn (Devil’s Tower) as an important component. The interior is richly decorated with illusionist paintings from the end of the 17th century. Continue to Dvor, the remains of the former blast furnace of the iron foundry - which went into operation in 1796. With the enlargement in 1833, it became the largest iron foundry south of the Alps. Žužemberk, Castle Žužemberk is one of the most picturesque and typical medieval fortresses in Slovenia. It remains rise mightily on a steep rock over the river Krka.

      Route 5: Kočevski Rog, ca. 35 km

      Kocevski Rog (about 35 km long and 15 km wide mountain range) with typical varied karst landscape with numerous funnels (sinkholes) and precipices. Below the summit of Veliki Rog (Great Horn) are the remains of the Auersperger Saw left before World War II. The Natural Science Trail Rozek above Podturn - natural and cultural-historical features such. B .: Ruins of Rožek Castle (1248), underground cave Jazbina (Dachsbau) (103 m) with forest meadow, mighty centennial trees. The way is about 2 km long. In the heart of the rye forest grows the fir of Črmošnjice, which for centuries has dominated the forests of Kočevje. Because of this size, it belongs to the top of the Slovenian firs and in second place.
      Base 20 in Kočevski Rog was the seat of the Slovenian military and political leadership during the liberation war. 26 barracks were built. The role and importance of the base 20 are shown in a permanent exhibition in barrack 16, but in barrack 22 the versatile activities on Kočevski Rog. Nearby are the two partisan hospitals Jelendol and Zgornji Hrastnik. The numerous tombs of Rog tell of the secrets of history that wrote the merciless post-war period.

      Day 6: Smarjeske Toplice or Dolenjske Toplice (Cat. A+)

      Individual departure or extension.


      Airport: Ljubljana (LJU)  or  Zagreb (ZAG)

      Flights can be booked individually. For details see your final travel documents.


      Parking: possible at the hotel free of charge


      Novo Mesto (approx. 15 km to hotel), from train station Ljubljana to train station Novo Mesto per train you´ll take about 2 hours. We offer a transfer  from Novo Mesto to your starting hotel.


      See via  "Price".


      4x bike tour in the area including travel guide, water and sandwich
      per person € 320, - (excl. Bicycle).

      The following tours are available:

      •     Venice of the Dolenjska region. Length 49 km, altitude difference 550 m., 2: 10-2: 40 h.
            Exit point Šmarješke Toplice. The distance from the hotel: 0 km
      •    The Cviček gone. Length 20,2 km, altitude difference 515 m., 1: 20-1: 50 h and then to the farm Seruga and Medle with the possibility of buying home made schnapps and organically grown fruit, depending on the season (length approx. 17km, altitude difference 120m).
           Exit point Šmarješke Toplice. The distance from the hotel: 0 km
      •   On the 7 hills of Novo mesto. Length 21.2 km, altitude difference 220 m., 1: 10-1: 40 h.   
          Exit point Šmarješke Toplice. The distance from the hotel: 0 km
      •     The way to Dolenjske Toplice. Length 56,1km, altitude difference 580 m., 2: 20-2: 50 h.   
            Exit point Šmarješke Toplice. The distance from the hotel: 0 km
      •     Walking with wet feet. Length 66 km, altitude difference 665 m., 2: 40-3: 10 h.
            Exit point Šmarješke Toplice. The distance from the hotel: 0 km


      Please notify flight details as soon they become available.

      Local tax is not included, approx. € 2,50,-/person, payable locally.



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    • Included services:
      • 5 nights with private facilities incl. half board in booked category
      • thermal bath use incl.
      • 2 free passes to the world of saunas
      • free bathrobe
      • several sport activities
      • information material per room
    • Choose Categories

      01.04. - 31.10.19 Category B daily
      01.04. - 31.10.19 Category A daily
      01.04. - 31.10.19 Category A+ daily


      0-3,99 years in parents room -100%
      4-11,99 years in parents room -50%
      children until 12,99 with 1 full paying adult -20%
      Bicycle & equipment  
      24-speed-bike (price vlaid for 5 or 6 days) 75
      E-Bike 150
      Bicycle package 320
      Additional nights
      Cat. B (dbl/sgl) 71/84
      Cat. A (dbl/sgl) 74/88
      Cat. A+(dbl/sgl) on request
      Local tax (payable locally) 2,50
      train station Novo Mesto 25
      train stationLjubljana 100
      airport Ljubljana 120
      airport Zagreb 120
      *transfer per way and car (1-3 person) always from/to starting hotel
      Please advise your arrival time within transferbooking.

      Best - Price - Guarantee

      If you would verifiably receive better conditions and/or prices from another tour operator at the time of booking we guarantee at least the same conditions PLUS 1 handlebar bag for FREE!
      All prices per person in EUR
    • 4* Hotel Smarjeta (Cat. B), Smarjeske Toplice

      The resort has the following amenities:

      Bar, Restaurant, Pool, Internet access, Wireless Internet, Disabled access, Lift, Parking, Safe, First aid, Room service, Sauna, Beauty salon, Convention hall, Picnic area, Playground, Indoor pool (indoor), a terrace, event and conference rooms.

      You can expect:

      - Direct connection with the swimming pools and the wellness center
      - Free entrance to the swimming pool
      - a varied entertainment program
      - Free wireless internet access (Wi-Fi) in the hotel lobby.

      There is a golf course for golfing a maximum of 3 km away, as well as a restaurant.

      You are welcome in the renovated, air-conditioned and spacious rooms. All rooms have a toilet, a shower, a hairdryer, satellite TV, radio with alarm clock, a safe, a telephone and an Internet connection. The single rooms are equipped with a 160cm wide French bed, and the double rooms have two separate single beds or a magnificent 180cm wide double bed.

      4*Superior Hotel Vitarium (Cat. A), Smarjeske Toplice

      An upscale hotel with ideal access to the best health, wellness and swimming facilities.

      You will be living in comfortable rooms and spacious suites. For the most discerning guests there is also a luxury presidential apartment available. Relax in the untouched nature with ideal access to the perfect wellness offer at the thermal spa, which has been awarded the title Top Wellness of Slovenia and a prize of the National Geographic Traveler Luxury Spa.

      You can expect:

      Pools filled with thermal water, pleasant baths, relaxing sauna worlds, tailor-made massages, beauty programs and beauty treatments. In the relax center you will find everything for the recovery of body and mind.

      4*Superior Hotel Balnea (Cat. A+), Dolenjske Toplice

      An upscale hotel with excellently equipped rooms and suites with fireplaces. Panoramic corridor to the wellness center Balnea.

      According to TripAdvisor and Trivago, the hotel is one of the top seven wellness hotels in Europe. Treat yourself to a suite with a fireplace, canopy bed and whirlpool, or start your day with in-room breakfast. The wellness center will take you through a panoramic corridor and during your stay you will also get to know the art concept of the Hotel Balnea.

      The spacious air-conditioned rooms have the following amenities: a WC, a shower or a massage bathtub, a TV (LCD TV) with cable and hotel information, a radio with alarm clock, a hairdryer, a tumble dryer, a minibar, a direct dial telephone and a safe , Most rooms have a balcony with a couch. All rooms have free internet access.

      Suites and apartments:
      The hotel has several different suites with separate living and sleeping areas. Most suites have a fireplace in the living room and a massage bath in the bedroom.

      You can expect:

      - modern equipped seminar rooms,
      - panoramic fitness,
      - Coffee house with fireplace and grand piano and a terrace next to a water level
      - Free Wi-Fi

      Guests can experience the high standards of comfort while staying at this luxury Dolenjske Toplice with 24hr room service, shops, executive floor, elevator, bar / pub.

      For guests to unwind, the hotel offers a variety of facilities and services including indoor pool, jacuzzi, gym, sauna, spa, outdoor pool. In addition to its convenient location in Dolenjske Toplice, the hotel also offers a wide range of services and facilities.

    • Bicycle inclusive panniers:

      24-speed bike / ladies and gentlemen



      •     E-SUB Alloy Frame
      •     Suntour NEX-E25, 63mm Fork
      •     Shimano Deore 10 Speed
      •     Bosch Active Plus, 500Wh, Purion
      •     Shimano Disc Brakes
      •     Fr Axa Blue Line, Re B&M Top Light
      •     Racktime with spring, Snapit
    • 5,2 29.10.2018 | Maria M S. Slovenian spa region home based tour

      Slovenian spa home based trip

      The accommodation was very good. The hotel management and staff was very friendly and always there to help and assist. The meals, and the various choices, were of a high standard. The spa facilities were of a high standard and included a variety of ...
      • Booking handling 6
      • Travel documents 5
      • Information at the beginning of the tour 4
      • Accomodation 6
      • Board 6
      • Luggage transport 5
      • Route description 4
      • On-site assistance 5
      • Route-character 5
      • Bicycle + equipment 5
      • Price-performance ratio 6

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