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    Lorraine by Bike + Boat

    Bienvenue à Lorraine

    • Your cycle tour in Lorraine will start from Wasserbillig to Toul, or reverse, along new and beautifully maintained bicycle paths and historic tow paths beside the Moselle River and French canals.

      The hilly area between Moselle and Meurthe provides a rich variety of culture and nature, not to mention, excellent cycling. If you are interested in World War II history, this France bike tour will interest you, especially. One highlight of this tour is the town of Rodemack, classified among the 139 "More beautiful Villages of France".

      Another highlight is the Maignot Line, a vast fortification that spread along the French/German border designed to protect but then became a liability when the Germans attacked France using lightning war – a tactic that completely isolated and cut off the line of defense. Another focal point of this France bike tour is the city of Nancy, with its famous landmark, the Place Stanislas, a pedestrian square, built by the former King of Poland-Lithuania and 18th-century Duke of Lorainne, Stanisław Leszczyński.

      The best part of this amazing France bike tour is the incredible signature foods and wine of the area. Lorraine country food is based on local produce, and is both hearty and satisfying.

      Tour profile / level 1-2

      Moderate guided tour, mostly flat along field paths and asphalted side roads.

      Itinerary Wasserbillig - Toul

      Day 1: Wasserbillig, approx. 15 km
      The crew of the boat La Belle Fleur welcomes you on board around 3 p.m., in the border village of Wasserbillig. From here you will start a short bike trip along the river Sauer, which is a small border river that flows closely past the mooring place of the ship. On this trip, you will pass along several nice and cosy villages.

      Day 2: Wasserbillig – Remich, approx. 35 km
      After breakfast, you will cycle to Remich, the pearl of the Moselle River. On your way to Remich, there is an opportunity to visit the small village of Ehnen with its wine museum. After a walk through the old streets and narrows alleys, your bike tour continues to the old roman villa in Nennig with its beautiful, well-kept tiles.

      Day 3: Remich – Thionville, approx. 40 km
      Today you will cycle to France. The narrow Moselle valley becomes flatter and wider. This gives you the opportunity to make a deeper acquaintance with the country. But before we leave Luxemburg, we visit the small but famous village of Schengen. There were once one of the most important treaty’s was signed, is now a European museum. But a visit to the Maginot-line is certainly also a part of the program today. The underground defence system stretches across the whole area, which was meant to protect France and at the same time make all facilities available for pure survival. In other words, you’ll be looking at a masterpiece of wartime architecture. When it is coffee time, La Belle Fleur expects you in Thionville; a city that was rich in metal industry, but today it is primarily a city of beautiful buildings, left behind by the many conquests, such as the Romans, the Luxembourgers and the Spaniards.

      Day 4: Thionville – Metz, approx. 35 km
      Cycling along the Moselle, this is a day dedicated to all that made this region great, exploring the industrial heritage, nature, and perfect examples of cultural achievements. You will cycle along shady bike paths pass old steel mills. After arriving in Metz, guided city walk will be offered including a visit to  the Centre Pompidou, the Cathedral. You will enjoy the atmosphere of the many squares and terraces.

      Day 5: Metz – Frouard, approx. 25 - 55 km
      Now it’s time for a somewhat more adventurous trip; the old towpaths of the Moselle take you to the picturesque Pont-à-Mousson. Or you can stay on board and start your bike tour at Pont-à-Mousson. After a visit to this city, which has a typical character because it is situated on both banks of the Moselle, you’ll bike through an old canaled part of the Moselle. As you ride through, you will be amazed by the beauty of the area, as you eventually arrive at one of those typical quiet little French villages of Frouard.

      Day 6: Frouard – Nancy – Liverdun, approx. 30 km
      Today the cycle path leads you along the connecting channel between the Moselle and the Meurthe to Nancy. After a visit to this metropolitan city, the tour continues to the old fortress-city of Liverdun. There, the La Belle Fleur will await you at an idyllic spot.

      Day 7: Liverdun – Toul, approx. 17 km
      From Liverdun, cycle in the direction of Toul. A small, charming fortress-city with a rich history situated at the Moselle’s riverside. After a cup of coffee in the afternoon, the team of the La Belle Fleur says goodbye.

      Itinerary Toul - Wasserbillig

      Day 1: Toul
      The crew of the boat La Belle Fleur gladly welcomes you on board at 3 p.m., in the charming French fortified town of Toul. After coffee, you have the opportunity to visit this town with our guide. Toul, a town that used to be the diocese of the bishop of Toul in times gone by, will display it’s pretty churches, its old house of government officials, but also its little alleys and nice terraces.

      Day 2: Toul - Liverdun, approx. 17 km
      Today you follow the bending river Moselle, through the valley. You will have a view of the small locks and old river branches. In Liverdun, the ship will await you under the watchful eye of the cities castle.

      Day 3: Liverdun - Nancy - Frouard, approx. 30 km
      You mainly cycle along the connecting channel between the Moselle and the Meurthe to Nancy. After you payed the city a visit, the tour continues to the quiet, characteristic French village Frouard.

      Day 4: Frouard - Metz, approx. 25 - 55 km
      The trip that is set in the program for today, begins with a ride along an old part of the canalised Moselle, till we arrive in Pont-à-Mousson. This city, which is situated on both banks of the river Moselle, has a very outstanding character due to its unique location. After this you can choose to continue the tour by bike or on board of La Belle Fleur. When you bike further to Metz, the adventure picks up, as passing the old towpaths of the Moselle. When you have arrived in Metz, you can participate in a guided walk through the town, to admire the Centre Pompidou, the great well-known cathedral and so much more. But it’s certainly also worthwhile doing some shopping in this great city, with so many big shopping centres to choose from.

      Day 5: Metz - Thionville, approx. 35 km
      Today, you will bicycle along the Moselle and enjoy everything that has made this region so historically great. You cycle past old steel factories and pumping-stations. When it is coffee time, La Belle Fleur awaits you in Thionville; a city once made rich by the metal industry, but today only displays many beautiful buildings, left behind by the many conquests, such as the Romans, the Luxembourgers, and the Spaniards.

      Day 6: Thionville - Remich, approx. 40 km
      Now it’s time to take a trip to the France-Luxembourg border, where we visit the famous village of Schengen. But before we get there we ride through the forest of Cattenom, where you can see the bunkers and underground army facilities of the Maginot line. Later in the day we make a stop in the small town of Sierck-les-Bains where you can visit the medieval castle and dream along looking at the land from the top of the castle. Later you ride into Schengen, this was once just a small sleepy village, before it was awakened by the event that made it world-famous; the Schengen agreement. To end the bike tour of today we bike to Nennig where you can visit an old Roman villa with beautiful kept mosaics. After a visit to the villa you cross the bridge over the river Moselle in Nennig and you arrive near the ship in Remich "the pearl of the river Moselle".

      Day 7: Remich - Wasserbillig, approx. 35 km
      This day is reserved for a trip through the many beautiful vineyards of Luxembourg. On your way to Wasserbillig you can visit the wine museum in the small town of Ehnen. It is also very nice to take some time and enjoy a walk in this town, discover the small old streets and narrows alleys. To conclude the trip for today, we ride further to the village of Wasserbillig. Being the final destination of your journey, this little border town offers you the possibility of doing some last-minute shopping in Luxembourg. After coffee the crew of la Belle Fleur says you goodbye.

      Important Information:

      Due to changing wind and weather conditions as well as organizational requirements we reserve the right to make changes of routing and program.


      Airport: Metz-Nancy (ETZ), Luxemburg (LUX)

      Taxi: The journey from the airport Luxemburg to Wasserbillig or Toul is about 40 km.
      Train: at the airport Luxemburg you can take the Shuttle to the central station of “Luxemburg Stad” which has an hourly connection to Wasserbillig or Nancy.


      Parking: It depends on the embarkation city.

      You take the A1 and will get to Luxemburg city. From there the motorway will continue as the A1, take exit 15 Wasserbillig and follow the signs to the ferry. The ship will be moored at about 100 meter distance from the ferry. You can park the car on the public spaces.

      You take the A31 in Nancy in directi on to Paris -Dijon, take exit 15 Toul-centre and follow the signs to the city centre. When you have crossed the river Moselle, turn left on the Rue Porte Moselle, before you pass the locks. After 100m you will see the La Belle Fleur waiting for you. You can park the car on the public spaces.


      Train station: Wasserbillig, Toul

      The train station Wasserbillig has a direct and easy connection with the central station of “Luxemburg Stad”. From there you can either take the Intercity train or the regional connection. Both offer an hourly train which will stop at Wasserbillig station. Once there, leave the station at the back
      side and follow the left road till the mooring of the MS La Belle Fleur.

      The train station Toul has a direct connection with the central station of “Nancy”. However the trains go only every 2 hours. You can also take the bus outside the train station in Nancy, the bus leaves every hour to Toul. Once there, leave the station and follow the road until you reach a big
      crossing, cross this straight and after you have passed the locks turn right. Follow the road till the mooring of the MS La Belle Fleur.

      Current train  connections and prices you will find under: www.radreisen.at/france-train


      Minimum: 10 person

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    • Included services:   

      • 6 nights in cabin
      • full board (breakfasts, self-packed lunches and dinners)
      • sheets and towels
      • port charges
      • information material per cabin

      additionally for guided tours:

      • multilingual tour leader/guide on bike (german, english)
    • Anreisetermine / Verfügbarkeit

      Choose Categories

      29.08. - 04.09.20 Wasserbillig - Toul guided
      12.09. - 18.09.20 Wasserbillig - Toul individual
      26.09. - 02.10.20 Wasserbillig - Toul guided
      10.10. - 16.10.20 Wasserbillig - Toul individual
      05.09. - 11.09.20 Toul - Wasserbillig guided
      19.09. - 25.09.20 Toul - Wasserbillig individual
      03.10. - 09.10.20 Toul - Wasserbillig guided
      17.10. - 23.10.20 Toul - Wasserbillig individual


      Discounts extra bed in double room with 2 full paying adults
       0-11,99 years -150
      Bicycle & equipment
      24-speed-bike 85
      E-bike 200
      Special diets & vegetarians, please advise at time of booking 50

      Best - Price - Guarantee

      If you would verifiably receive better conditions and/or prices from another tour operator at the time of booking we guarantee at least the same conditions PLUS 1 handlebar bag for FREE!
      All prices per person in EUR
    • Welcome on board of the MS LA BELLE FLEUR!

      The boat "La Belle Fleur" was built in 1929 as a freighter of type ’luxury motor’, under the name Anjoma. In 1993 the ship was converted into a passenger ship. At that time, they also renamed and given the name Sylvia. Meanwhile the ship is internally renovated, rebuilt and it got a new name. La Belle Fleur is internally renovated and rebuilt during winter 2011/2012. It is a great ship to relax after a bike ride.


      The cook on board is a member of the crew and prepares the breakfast, packed lunch and a warm dinner in the evening. The catering consists of full board. Catering starts with the dinner on the arrival day and ends with the breakfast on the departure day. Vegetarian catering is possible, please announce this with reservation and discuss it again with the tour guide on site.


      On board you will find 8x bunk bed cabins & 1x 3 bed cabin. All our cabins are provided with hot and cold water, private shower and toilet, 220 voltage and central heating. There is limited storage space in the cabin. We recommend 1 suitcase per person. You can slide the suitcase under the bed. You can open the window in the cabin as well as in the bath room.


      German, English

      Aboard our boats you’ll be joined by travelling companions from all over, as well as a Tour Leader who speaks the group’s two main languages – usually English and German. Shall we bet that you’ll go back home with a smattering of French?

    • Bicycle & Equipment:

      The offered 24-speed-hybrid bicycles are modern bikes with an aluminium frame and kitted with responsive brakes and gear shift. Plus: mudguards, comfort gel saddles, flat-palmed grips, Schwalbe Marathon anti-puncture tyres.

      All bikes are equipped with panniers (20 l), bottle holder and bike lock.

      Electric bikes | E-Bikes | Pedelecs
      With an electro bike every bike tour is a breeze! The shiftable, low noise electric drive of our modern E-bike relieves you of some of the work and increases the pedal force up to 3 times ... Acclivity can be handled easily.

      ATTENTION: Please pre-book your E-bike early enough as we have only a limited number available.

      A note to our customers: Electric bikes are a great thing! However, due to their characteristics (high weight + high speed) they should only be booked by very experienced and safe cyclists with a good sense of balance. E-bikes are not appropriate for persons who do not ride bikes frequently.

      Bike breakdown
      Can also occur with very new and good bikes. A puncture of the wheel will be fixed by yourself, for bigger damages please contact your cruise director. Please do not make any repair-service without our agreement on our bikes. For smaller technical problems with the bike please contact the cruise director or a member of the crew at the end of the bike-leg.

    • 5,2 01.10.2017 | Ian M. Lorraine by Bike + Boat

      Easy cycling through the Lorraine

      We generally opt for self-guided tours so we found this fully guided tour a bit hard to adjust to - e.g. not being able to stop for photographs whenever we wished. The account modation on the barge was good, the food good and the guide was helpful and ...
      • Booking handling 6
      • Travel documents 4
      • Information at the beginning of the tour 5
      • Accomodation 6
      • Board 5
      • Route description 5
      • On-site assistance 5
      • Route-character 5
      • Bicycle + equipment 6
      • Price-performance ratio 5

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