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    Luther Cyclepath

    Berlin - Leipzig

    • The metropolis of Berlin, with it’s vast variety of natural and cultural landscapes together with the trendy saxon city of Leipzig set the stage for a historical and amazing journey through Germany - the birthplace of Luther’s Reformation. The start of the journey involves a visit to the German Historical Museum where visitors can enjoy an exhibition named ’The Luther Effect’ - 500 years of Protestantism. After getting off to an amazing cultural start, it’s now time to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of Brandenburg, Sachsen-Anhalt and not forgetting the Bay of Leipzig. What a picturesque cycle tour through the Havel lakelands and pine forests, a short rest to enjoy the beautiful Medieval shops which can be visited along the way! We will continue by cycling through glacial valleys and not forgetting avenues of old ancient trees. Brandenburg’s countryside awaits you in 2017.

      Tour profile/Level 1-2

      flat and sometimes slightly hilly, few gradients, mostly bike paths and hardly any streets with traffic

      Day 1: Berin

      Individual Arrival. Bike Hand over and Information meeting at your hotel.

      Day 2: Berlin – Schwielowsee (Lake Schielow) approx 45 km

      The start of the cycle tour takes place at the newly constructed Luther Monument, shaded by the Marienkirche ( Marien Church) right in the heart of Berlin. Then is off to Charlottenburg, towards Grunwald and Havel, Straight away one can feel the melancholy stillness of the Brandenburg landscap. Then it’s over the Glienicker Brücke (GlienickerBridge), and we are on our way to Potsdam. During the Cold War this famous bridge was used as an exchange point for spies and dissidents.The Hohenzollern royal residence will both carm and captivate you at a first glance. Splendid castles and parks as well as magnificent villas will enthrall you. We will leave Potsdam behind us by cycling along the banks of the Havel lakes. Arriving in Petzow, a wonderful city located on the west bank of the romantic Schweilowsees.

      Day 3: Petzow - Bad Belzig, approx. 47 km

      We will now be leaving the Lake District and arrive in the Beelitz region. Most famous for the growing of vegetables, and particulary for it’s ’white gold’, the asparagus. The asparagus from this region is known to be of an extraordinary quality. Through the fields and meadows of Beelitz and passing a glacial valley we arrive in the small quaint town of Brück. If you are lucky you might encounted one of the greatly protected great busards of the region. Cycling passed quiet avenues, meadows and old beech tree forests we are on our way to Bad Belzig.

      Day 4: Bad Belzig - Luther Stadt Wittenburg approx. 45 km

      Medieval stone churches characterize the many villages along the way. Great cycling paths will insure your tour through Fläming with be fun and pleasurable. Now we have almost reached the Elbe Valley. The river Elbe will intrigue you with it’s snake like characteristics. Right in the middle of this wonderful landscape you will be met by the Wittenberg Tower. On the tower of the Schlosskirche (Castle Church), for all to see, Luthers famous quote. ’ Eine feste Burg ist unsere Gott" (our God is a stronghold), In Wittenburg Luther taught for many years (in those days)at Wittensburg’s young and aspiring university. It was here in Wittenburg that Luther would publish his famous 95 theses, something that would soon make the world hold it’s breath. Now and forever the city of Wittenburg will always be connecte with this world-historical event.The major exhibition ’Luther 95 Menschen (mankind) – 95 Schätze (treasures) invites you to take a look at one of the most important chapters in German history. In Wittenberg it is also possible to add an additional day to your tour, with a trip to Torgau.

      Day 5: Luther Stadt Wittenburg - Bad Düben, approx. 45 km

      A few kilometers south of Wittenberg the Dübener Heath landscape can be found, A ocean of bright glowing heather. Today this terrain is one of the largest forests areas in Saschen – Anhalts. This peaceful forest landscape, with it’s small streams, ponds, boglands and not forgetting it’s romantic settings will captivate you. To one’s surprise right in this middle of this tranquil forest landscape you will find the quaint little Knipp spa village of Bad Schmiedeberg. This charming little village still bears the charm of days gone by. Reinharz invites you to visit it’s magnificent park with all it’s splendor, or just take a welcomed brake in the amazing grounds of the castle. What ever you decide it will be breathtaking. Alone the banks of the river Mulde lies Bad Düben, a town that has a history of over one thousand years, and todays destination

      Day 6: Bad Düben - Leipzig, approx. 40 km

      Bad Düben can look back on a very long and extraodinary historical past. Napoleon had once pitched his headquarters here in Bad Düben the eve of the ’Völkerschlacht’ (Battle of the People).You can enjoy and relax this step of the tour due to the nice even terrain of the Leipziger Bay. Then from afar you can see the Leipziger skyline. The towers of Leipziger, Neuem Rathaus ( the townhall), Cityhochhaus, Völkerschlachtdenkmal (war monument), and Thomaskirche (Thomaschurch). It was at this church that Luther gave a sermon to the people on Whit Monday 1539. This same church is where in 1519, Luther and his Catholic counterpart, the popal theologian Johannes Eck has their famous disputation. This dispute would cement Luther’s complete seperation from the catholic Church. The relationship between the people of Leipzig and Luther was not always an easy one. Although Lepzig benefited greatly from Luther’s numerous published works, city leaders were very skeptial about Luther for a long time. Today Leipzig fascinates millions of visitors every year with it’s colourful cultural scene. Enjoy the hustle and bustle of this historical old town.If that’s not your cup of tea, what about a relaxing trip on one of the many charming canals to be found in this amazing city

      Day 7: Leipzig

      Individual departure or extension



      Airport: Berlin (TXL), Leipzig (LEJ)


      parking garage at arrival hotel on request, free of charge in adjacent streets


      Train station: Berlin, Leipzig


      Transfer Leipzig-Berlin incl. bike every friday € 55.-/person




      Book here your discounted train ticket... Book your flights online... Book here your bus ticket... Book your hotel online...

      Included services:


      • 6 nights incl. breakfast in the booked category
      • Personal tour information
      • daily luggage transfer
      • Handle bar bag with map and information material per room
    • Choose Categories

      28.04. - 29.09.18 Cat. A every SAT
      28.04. - 29.09.18 Cat. B every SAT


      Discount 3rd person (in double room with 2 adults)

      0 - 14,99 years - 25%
      15-99,99 years -10%
      Bicycles and extras  
      8-speed(backpedal break)/24-speed 70
      E-Bike 170

      Extra nights Cat A/Cat B

      Berlin (dbl/sgl) on request
      Leipzig (dbl/sgl) on request
      Wittenberg (dbl/sgl) on request

      Best - Price - Guarantee

      If you would verifiably receive better conditions and/or prices from another tour operator at the time of booking we guarantee at least the same conditions PLUS 1 handlebar bag for FREE!
      All prices per person in EUR

      Category A : 3-4 * hotels

      Example hotels Cat A:

      Berlin - Friedrtichshain: Victors Residenz Hotel****
      Schwielowsee: Resort am Schwielowsee ****
      Jüterbog: Kloster Zinna oder Hotel Alte Försterei
      Lutherstadt Wittenberg: Luther-Hotel ***
      Bad Düben: Hotel Heide SPA****
      Leipzig: Victoria Residenz Hotel ****


      Kategorie B: good middleclass hotels and Inns

    • Bicycles inclusive panniers:

      24-gear- bikes  or 8 gear-bikes (back pedal brake)

      E-Bikes / Pedelecs:
      7-speed-bikes with hub gear

      With an E-bike every bike tour is a breeze! If you had few opportunities to cycle over the last weeks or if you are not sure concerning your fitness, but also with physical disabilities, every bike ride is a treat! The shiftable, low noise electric drive of our modern electro bike relieves you of some of the work and increases the pedal force up to 3 times ... So you can now book a bike tour together with cyclists who have different fitness level. Acclivity can be handled easily.

      Private bicycles:

      You are welcome to bring your own bicycle. This is adapted especially to your needs. Do not forget to bring a repair kit with all necessary tools such as: keys, reserve tube and lock. Please check your own bicycle for operability upon Arrival.

    • 5,3 25.08.2017 | Stephen M. Luther Cyclepath

      Good tour, marred by a few teething-troubles

      Overall: This was a newly-developed tour in 2017 and, in its English-language variant, still shows some signs of that, particularly the route documentation. Nevertheless, it is still hugely enjoyable. A marked number of buildings of interest to tourists ...
      • Overall satisfaction 6
      • Booking handling 6
      • Travel documents 5
      • Information at the beginning of the tour 5
      • Accomodation 6
      • Board 5
      • Luggage transport 6
      • Route description 3
      • On-site assistance 5
      • Route-character 5
      • Bicycle + equipment 6
      • Price-performance ratio 6
      4,9 18.06.2017 | Fiona W. Luther Cyclepath

      Berlin to. Leipzig Luther

      Enjoyed. Everything on the. Way... We received our tour package with. Revised maps the morning of our trip.We. Wish. We could. Have. Received. The material. Sooner... The. Instructions could. Have been more detailed for berlin... we had difficulty ...
      • Overall satisfaction 5
      • Booking handling 6
      • Travel documents 3
      • Information at the beginning of the tour 3
      • Accomodation 5
      • Board 6
      • Luggage transport 6
      • Route description 3
      • On-site assistance 4
      • Route-character 6
      • Bicycle + equipment 6
      • Price-performance ratio 6


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